Side garden project.

This is our side garden. It’s looked the same since we moved in with the exception of some tulips that pop out in the spring and the calla lily blooms mid summer. I never gave it much thought. Ann Marie has hated this garden since the beginning and has tasked me with the mission of kicking it up a notch. I accepted and today was day 1.

This garden was untended for at least the three years we’ve been here and so was very overgrown. The previous owners again utilized their railway ties as edging. The plants are growing directly out of the ties now and worms are munching on their rot. It’s kind of gross yet kind of beautiful. Other than overgrowth they placed a layer of smooth rocks over the garden to prevent weeds from growing. That’s fine but Ann Marie and I don’t like all the rocks around our property and have been slowly removing them since we got here. They’re so cold and hard when what our hearts yearn for is warmth and softness.

The leafy cover around all the plants I thought was going to be the easy part but it ended up being the hardest part by far. The vines shot out from these base plants which had a thick root that went straight down for 8 or more inches. The main root often branched off and connected to other base plants. It was a total weed nightmare. I cleared out the garden from left to right and took the rocks and weeds out as I went. I am almost done and the garden looks a hundred times better now.

I still have to finish this portion at the end…


So the hosta looks like hell here but it’s all by itself now. It was reaching for light from under the other hostas. I am going to replant it and it will be straight and awesome.

So the remaining to-do:

  1. Re-seat hosta.
  2. Finish de-weeding/de-rocking the last 2 feet.
  3. Bulb placement. (Tulips, Daffodils, White Hyacinths, and Paperwhites)
  4. Mark bulbs with Popsicle sticks.
  5. Add fresh topsoil over bulbs.
  6. Cover with mulch.

That shouldn’t take too long, right? Right?! RIGHT?!


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