Quick Update.

Yesterday I trimmed our umbrella tree in the front. I planted approx 20 garlic bulbs in the end of the garden box. I will update the garden plan asap. I have a tarp over the entire box and to create 4 corner spaces wasn’t logical. So I peeled back the 4 sq. ft. at the end closest to the house, planted the garlic and covered them with one layer of weed barrier to keep the chipmunks out. I also built my tomato cage. It’s still missing chicken wire but I can throw that in quick enough in the spring. I’m so glad I’m getting a jump start on all this stuff. I would have never got it done if I had woke up in March and decided I wanted it.

Speaking of chipmunks I set a trap for those little bastards yesterday. It’s the standard bucket trap. Thankfully Ann Marie has a ton of sunflower seeds and I had an old Home Depot bucket. I set it up in the back yard. The front would have made more sense because that’s where they know the seed is already at the bird feeder but I did not want to upset any neighbour who might peer in the bucket and see a chipmunk or mouse struggling for his life. I have already gotten one mouse. I would like to murder a chipmunk or two per day. I hate those cheeky bastards. Get it? Cheeky. LOL The squirrels are smarter and get away with a lot of seeds. I have lowered the water level of the bucket trap twice already. Ann Marie suggested chicken wire. I think I am going to do that for sure in my next iteration.


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