Grow op time!


Thinking about spring and germination. I saw a couple people using the shop lights below. They can use T5 and T8 bulbs but the T8 bulbs don’t give off any heat which I think would be the safest bet for a shed operation. Right now I’ll have to run the extension cord from the house to the shed during germination season. Maybe at some future date I can rig up some solar and battery scenario so it can go completely off grid. I don’t have any clue how that works though so there’ll be a lot more reading about it.


I raced the frost for my zucchini and the frost won! First frost warning happened last night so I brought my zucchini plants inside. Pointless though since they’re too small to give any decent fruit. Plus if they are not pollenated they’ll remain that way indoors. 😦 Should cut my losses I think and harvest what I’ve got… which is nothing. 🙂



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