A photo guide to the end of my garden season 2016.

Gardening is hard. It’s hard work and a lot of planning. I didn’t account for this so I am somewhat overwhelmed at the prospect of a bigger garden next year.

Two concepts that I just learned last night are filler crops or cover (so your soil doesn’t go unused or erode under sunshine) and the idea of successive planting for quick growing things like lettuce. I have to put multiple planting dates in the calendar for lettuce, radishes, beats, etc.


I still have to fill these puppies but that should be done this weekend. It will be nice to have the space beside the shed cleared before the eavestrough guys come.


The owl is phase 1 of our three part plan to keep the pests away. Phase 2 is the chicken wire on the sides. Still working on phase 3 for the top. I like the idea of rubber snakes although I’m not sure if it will help. I’ve seen lots of ideas like hot sauce for small mammals, loose netting for birds, caffeine for insects. We’ll see. One thing at a time.


This will be the last time I mess up carrots. I wasn’t planting them correctly. I wasn’t thinning them correctly. I’m all over it next year for some awesome carrots!


The dinky plants in this planter are cucumbers / zucchinis. I was awake and anxious last night so I went out back and transplanted them from Grandpa W’s greenhouse shelf. They were bone dry. I wasn’t watering them because I had relegated them to death. They shocked me by holding on! 🙂


This is the other planter I filled last night with little stragglers from the greenhouse. The only thing that’s not stragglers is those little green onions. They actually came from the grocery store and I planted them when I had cut off the tops for a salad. They’re growing me back some more green onion and they’re growing it back fast!!! Our pansies top middle and my zucchini plant is top right.


Well crap here’s some more. I guess there was three. Fingers crossed for a warm autumn. 🙂


Everywhere I’ve lived I’ve been blessed with mature trees. They’re beautiful in the summer but their autumn colours are spectacular.



I was actually shooting my pre-transplant green onions but the blue pansy stole the shot!


Weak round 3 harvest on this potato pot.


I’m not expecting a very good 3rd round harvest from this pant either. Wait and see.


I’ve set up the three strawberry plants we have on the trellis and will force them vertically next spring.


Onions and zucchini




our raspberry bush has had it for 2016. See you in 2017!


I snapped off all the asparagus seed sprouts and put them down on top to dry out. When the soil arrives for the gardens I’ll transplant the asparagus into one of the big, round planters, dried seeds and all. It takes asparagus a couple years to shoot up so the new pot will be its home for a while.


This is a pretty sturdy tomato plant. We didn’t treat it all that well yet it’s given us many bowls full of tomatoes. I am thinking I might grab those green tomatoes when they become ripe and freeze them for planting next year.


My last potato plant is showing signs of stress so it’s time to uproot and see if this plant gave me anymore. 


I don’t know what the berry plant is that’s featured here but it has come through the winder and grown two summers in a row. I’m still thinking about what to do with that.


The garden as it is right now. Imagine another box on the other side of the shed behind the apple tree. Eventually two peach trees and two cherry trees too. Maybe a third box lined up with the one in this picture if we ever get rid of the sandbox. 🙂 


I want to save this picture and remind myself to look at it in October of 2017. I think there will be a major difference in that garden winding down vs. this one.



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