Remaining 2016 to do…

Eavestroughing needs to be installed so it can fill the rain barrels. I am going with Kingston Seamless Eavestroughing as they did good work for my dad. 613-549-8837

Soil needs to be delivered and moved into the garden boxes. Going to call Pyke Farms at lunch and have it delivered in the driveway. 613-546-1542.

Remaining dirt pile needs to be sifted through. The dirt can go into the box and the rocks can go around the edge of the box. Hoping to get that done this weekend coming.

Scrap wood needs to go to Scott or wherever just out of my yard and shed. Leftover wood from the shed construction can go back to my dad.

The potting bench and compost bin.

I do want a place where I can compost stems, roots, shafts and leaves from the garden. It’s such a shame to extract nutrients and not at least try to recycle. Not sure who what when or where yet though. Thinking.

As far as a potting bench that was always a part of our shed discussions. Ann Marie and I decided that the south facing side of the shed is where we were going to place it. I have several ideas for designs. We have to build these things ourselves as they are insanely priced elsewhere–much like trellis and garden boxes.

Here are some ideas for design.






I’m thinking we’ll build this in March/April when it starts to warm up. Something to help us get excited about gardening season before it’s time.


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