Inching closer.

I chicken wired the other box today.


I flipped it back over and then I had achieved my weekend goal. I placed the sod I removed in the bottom grass-down. I am planning to cover it up with over a foot of soil. I hope this will stop it from growing. Maybe I’m naive but I don’t have a big enough property to do anything else with it. It was either put it back in or have a 3 foot pile of sod in the back corner of our yard. Obviously that isn’t an acceptable option so back into the box it went.

I stole a pair of Ann Marie’s kitchen scissors and stashed them in the shed. Speaking of sheds now Randy wants a shed. I believe he has shed envy. 🙂 My shed is pretty spectacular.


I think I’ve also found the best design for my cages. I wanted simple cages with easy access. The cages I had seen before were not quite as simple because the entire cage came off to access the plants. I am not convinced that is the best solution as it could damage the plant. This design is much better and if I modified it to have a hinge and latch on the sides it will be perfect.


I am going to start plugging my planting schedule for next year into google calendar.


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