Another grueling day… almost there!

So I emailed the eaves people on Friday to get our rain barrels connected to the shed. 2017 growing season is coming together. I decided to take a crack at the garden boxes today! I know my brother Mike wants to build boxes together but the weather has gotten cold and I am trying to get it all ready for an epic gardening season in 2017.

I dug out a tract of grass after carefully deciding the location with Ann Marie. It is 4′ x 16′ as per the plan in previous posts. Evie was a big help and she kept looking for the biggest worm she could find. She eventually found one and named it big boy.


I went to Home Depot and bought 21 1″ x 6″ x 8′ pine boards and started screwing them into the old 4″ x 6″ x 3′ boards I have left over from the old garden boxes.


I decided to do two boxes and butt them together. I can’t fit 16′ boards in my car for one and secondly I like the idea of the box not looking like a trough. I left the posts sticking out of the top because I haven’t decided on what the cage top will look like or how it will work. Once I was done both I used chicken wire and stapled it to the bottom of the first box. Worked like a charm and I put the sod back in grass-down and piled what dirt I had on top of it. It’s funny a few weeks ago I was fretting because I had nowhere to put all the dirt and now I will not come close to filling these two boxes. I will need to purchase a lot of dirt to top them up.



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