That giant pile.

All my plans for 2017 will be moot if I don’t get the shed, water barrels, and planter boxes ready for spring.

The plan:

  1. Eavestrough for shed. (Needs Rain Barrels In Place)
  2. Rain Barrels in place. (Needs dirt pile filtered and relocated.)
  3. Filter and relocate dirt pile. (I’m bloody well trying!)

That pile is huge and when you can only filter one or two shovel full at a time it’s arduous work. It’s about half of what’s shown in this picture:


but I still have a wood pile to contend with as well.

After that’s done I want to build some covered boxes but I am not sure how exactly to go about doing that. Would like my dad’s input so I might send him an email.

Here’s some pictures of what I’m thinking about.



These are the cleanest looking covers I could find. Building them seems like a challenge though. Might have to go with a square frame.

These are neat and tidy. It’s important that whatever I do doesn’t become a sloppy mess but I also don’t necessarily require straight lines either. I do have to keep the chipmunks, squirrels, and birds out as well.


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