Who rules the world?

Laying in my bed
terror flowing through my head
but it’s nukes and greenhouse gas that scare me
not some ancient ideology.

Our wars make the refugees
and we stop them at our borders.
Is this a test?
We’ve got enough poor we can’t be bothered with I guess.

We don’t want the people we want the land.
Psychs-Peko drew lines in the sand.
Kill democracy. Install dictator.
Tell them in terms they’ll understand.

While we hate Nickelbacks and Biebers
and separatists who’ll leave us.
We’re fighting over peanuts while they revel in our isolation
and find more ways to jail us for dissension.

We fight for equal rights
while our quote unquote enemies pray to wake at morning light.
WMDs and dirty bombs.
That’s not the reason they killed Sadam.

No trial for Osama. Drone strikes by Obama.
Putin might just be a good friend.
When push got to shove
he protected Edward Snowden.

And a Russian might be the only reason
you’re alive to read this.
Google the name Stanislav Petrov
and see what you come up with.

Watch Michael Moore and feel like there’s hope?
That’s a joke.
Most people won’t go out and vote.


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