Man-made American strife.

Do you remember when Yugoslavia broke apart into all the countries we know and love today;  Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Slovenia? Of course you do! Just in case you can read all about it here.

So these peoples, the Bosnians and Herzegovinians, Croatians, Kosovo…ians? You get it. They were ruled under empire… since forever! Being proud of who they were though they never gave up their ethnic and cultural heritage. Whether suffering under Yugoslavian, Austrio-Hungarian, Ottoman, Byzentine, or Roman empirical rule these peoples suffered together through the ages as separate and distinct groups. No one really understood this until those bonds were suddenly lifted. Almost immediately all these people went to war against each other. Shocked the hell out of the world but while they were holding onto their culture and their heritage they were also holding on to every slight against their people that had happened for a thousand years. They couldn’t act on them while they were under the thumb of empire but once the empire was gone the gloves were off!

Now the USA is a much different situation. First, it’s only 238 years old–still a baby by independent state standards. Second, none of the original native population is left. Last, states have rights under the empirical rule of the federal government.

Every once in a while I get the feeling like there is enough people in the USA not getting their way or disagreeing with each other enough to cause some serious problems.

The media slices every issue into a two-sided, black and white debate and everyone is forced to choose a side. The only thing that comes of this is a very divided, very angry people. It helps to keep their two-party system alive though. Hey! That’s weird… every party stands for one or the other issue… huh.

Democrat or republican?
Liberal or conservative?
Secular education or God in school?
Pro choice or pro life?
War on drugs or more aggressive war on drugs?
Pro gun control or anti gun control?
War or more war?
Black lives matter or All lives matter?
Equal rights or biblical marriage?
Pollute the planet or pollute the planet faster?

While none of these issues are enough to start a war on their own it seems that everyone is forced to choose sides. What happens to a people that are forced to live with such intense divisions indefinitely? What happens when you’re intensely held beliefs are ignored or passed over over and over again? How long can we grate at the human psyche before it snaps?


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