The United States Office of Business Ethics

The United States Office of Government Ethics is a real thing. We need a branch of government to tell our government how they’re supposed to behave.

I think we can all agree that human beings are pretty awful as a whole. We are apt to do awful things because if we don’t someone else will. We will do cruel, torturous things because a superior tells us to. We will not risk our careers and progress in life to do the right thing. When doing the right thing is harmful to our own lives someone needs to step in and do the right thing for us.

Why then is there not a United States Office of Business Ethics? The idea scares capitalists who believe in the free market. The idea threatens the concept of liberty with frightening images of 1984’s Ministry of Love and Though Police. I seriously think unbridled capitalism is going to kill us all though and needs some sort of powerful oversight.

As I’m watching John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight on sub-prime auto loans I’m thinking to myself this sounds familiar. John Oliver goes onto explain that the exact same practices (NINJA loans being bundled together and sold as default swaps on the stock market) that caused the housing crash are being repeated with the auto loan industry. I shook my head… The housing crash cost the American taxpayers $700 Billion.

Lets do another one…

My problems with the meat industry I’ve already posted but another ethical question comes up that should be easily answered when it comes to meat. Antibiotics. Superbugs are here. They’re not a theory or myth. My aunt Janet has an MSRA infection right now. She’s had it for years and can’t kick it because it’s resistant to antibiotics. We knew that giving kids antibiotics for manageable infections like ear infections wasn’t smart. We did it anyway. (I was one of those kids.) We know now that preventative antibiotics in livestock is a terrible idea but we’re doing it anyway.

Another one…

Remember when Nestle baby formula scandal? Got thousands of poor African mother’s hooked on free baby formula and when their breasts were dry they started charging. We should stay out of Africa we could be there all day. *cough* tobacco companies *cough*

Another one…

What about Nevada? It’s a desert and California is suffering droughts like crazy. Does that stop places like Disneyland or Las Vegas from having some of the most lavish water fountain displays in the world? Nope!

I could go all day but you get the point. Ethical violations everywhere! First graders could tell you that all of these things are wrong. The violations are all flamboyant displays of wealth and excess. The violations are all executed under the guise of capitalism, tourism, and freedom. When and where do we draw the line?

When are corporations going to stop coming before the health and well being of people and the environment?


When it’s too late?


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