Tindr and the impossible best case scenario.

In an effort to sort out my thoughts on feminism, freedom, and hookup culture you’re all going to have to endure many posts on the subject until my mind is quiet.
I was thinking about hookup app users in general but it’s just easier to say Tindr.
I was wondering about hookup best case scenarios and I came up with this.
Two people who are not seeking a relationship find each other attractive are given the opportunity to chat. They meet up, have sex, orgasm simultaneously, get dressed, shake hands and part ways mutually satisfied and content to never see each other again.
Let’s break it down.
  1. Two people who are not seeking a relationship are statistically hard to find. Most people who partake in hookup culture are doing so just to fit in.
  2. Orgasm simultaneously… ha! Most women report they do not orgasm at all in a hookup. 3) Getting dressed is emotionally loaded. It signals that you’re moving on and done with the person, situation, whatever. Getting dressed 10 seconds after you cum or lingering uncomfortably—where is the balance?
  3. Shaking hands was a joke, obviously. I picture most hookups ending with a thanks that was fun. But the only way parting ways like this would be cool is if both parties were equally satisfied and I’m not convinced they are.
  4. I assume hookups that were mutually fun turn into a friends with benefits situation.
You know what it is? It’s skipping the research! It’s skipping finding out whether or not you want to be around a person. Finding out what makes them tick, who they are, what makes them laugh. Going from first base, second base, third base, to sex gives each person time to find out what makes their partner hot. A hookup is just rolling the dice and hoping for the best… getting to know people is the fun part though, no?
I’m only 35 years old and already an old man.

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