Who Rules The World.

After finishing the book Who Rules The World? by Noam Chomsky I had trouble sleeping. It was a great book. Chilled me to the bone with cold hard facts and the lies used to cover them up. Pretty unreal things. The following are quotes I wrote down while reading the book;

  • Those beaten by the club might view it quite differently.
  • Only the weak and defeated are called upon to pay for their misdeeds.
  • Kill millions of peasants on the Plain of jars to keep their bombs from collecting dust
  • Colossal lies in service of the state.
  • Stanislav Petrov saved the entire world by refusing to fire nuclear missiles at the USA. How come nobody knows that?
  • NATO exists to manage the risks that are created by its very existence.
  • Add to read list, “Kill Chain – Polk”.
  • Psychs-Peko transformed relatively quiet provinces of the Ottoman Empire into some of the least stable and most internationally explosive states in the world.

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