I love Donald Trump but not really.

Donald Trump is my favourite anomaly. He’s a magnifying glass pointed at the dark corner of the American psyche that some have glossed over for decades while others try to ignore completely. What began as a hilarious joke turned into a xenophobic and sexist demagogue. I’m not baffled by how much support he’s garnered but I am sitting back and watching concernedly.

The Republican Party is getting the personification of a century of sexist and racist rhetoric. I’m pretty sure people who follow Donald Trump feel they have been duped by the GOP and Donald Trump is their only hope of recompense.

Here’s how I imagine the average republican in the USA. He or she is a redneck in some southern state, they’re anti-drug, they’re pro-life, anti-gay marriage, anti-immigration, lost their job to a factory in China or Mexico and have a massive store of guns ready to do their part in the war on terror. The GOP is their party! Except they’re not. The GOP has progressed to the left over the last few years to compete with the Democratic Party and left millions of gun toting, xenophobic, homophobic, racist and sexist americans with no voice in government. People without a voice in government tend to get uppity.

Where does it go from here? There are many hard working Americans who are not sexist or racist but just want a smaller government and lower taxes. Who can they vote for without getting on board the hate train that is the current GOP nominee? Are we looking at a possible official 3+ party system in the future? Right, left and centre? Far right, right, left and far left? What would that look like? How do they get there peacefully? So many wonderful questions to ponder.

On the other side Hilary has the votes so the Democratic Party will nominate her, no surprise. What will Bernie do? Obama called him and his campaign went silent. What does that mean? If there’s going to be a GOP and some other, further right party a la TEA Party, maybe Sanders can start and run for a Democratic Socialist Party. Believe it or not the USA also has a Green Party.

It seems to me that the American people are waking up to the fact that they do not have a democracy and are not happy about it.


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