Captain America: Civil War

#Spoilers #Spoilers #Spoilers

Cap 3: Civil War is another Marvel movie with all the quality writing, directing, and action we’ve come to expect.


My original worry: One villain too many.

Outcome: He was a throwaway villain to set up the plot.

Character Motivations

My original worry: I wouldn’t believe the motivation behind the ferocity of the Cap/Bucky/Tony conflict. Why are they so angry?

Outcome: The character motivations are established clearly and quickly in the movie immediately justifying each character’s position and the climactic fight had nothing to do with the accords. It is brilliantly written.

The Airport Scene

My original worry: The airport scene in Germany would make no sense. Vision, Spidey and Iron Man versus Falcon, Hawkeye, and Ant Man.

Outcome: They were all former team-mates. They’ve fought beside each other and saved the world together multiple times. No one had the desire to hurt any other. Tony’s instructions to Spidey were to web everything. Black Widow mentions Tony’s desire to go easy on them. Ant Man had no trouble holding his own.

How strong is Captain America anyway?

My original worry: It wouldn’t make sense that Captain American could go toe to toe with Iron Man.

Outcome: Cap’s durability is showcased in act 1 when he falls off a building and is unfazed (in case you forgot the 10 story drop he sustained in Winter Soldier) and his strength is showcased in act 2 when he’s holding down a helicopter well before he lays the beats down on Iron Man in act 3. Not to mention Tony was definitely pulling his gauntlet-clad punches and using his repulsers sparingly.


The only complaint I have is that Ant Man and Scarlet Witch were found/detained. Ant Man had a headache after becoming Giant Man, fine, but he couldn’t have a headache small/hiding in a crack in the ground? There’s no conceivable reason the Witch couldn’t have walked off the airport battlefield with little effort. This would have also helped me believe the break-in at the end of the movie was possible;

  • How did Cap force the prison out of the water?
  • How did Cap infiltrate the prison?

Both questions are answered with Ant Man and Scarlet Witch on his side. Plus the Ant Man suit would never have fallen into the government’s (Stark’s) hands…


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