Hayden concert.

Went to the 20th anniversary tour for Everything I long for at the Grad Club. It was amazing. He forgot some lines of songs he hadn’t played in a while, accidentally played verses twice, and got a total stranger to play on stage for one of his songs. It was authentic, honest, and a great musical experience!

2016-04-04 Hayden Concert.JPG

Hayden, The Grad Club, Kingston, Ontario, 2016

I actually talked to Hayden this time and asked him to sign my record. I loved how friendly he was so I mentioned the time I burst into his dressing room drunk in Montreal wearing a homemade Hayden t-shirt with his name spelt incorrectly on it. After saying hello to the opening act when she flew into the dressing room saying, “Paul you’re not going to believe it there was a guy wearing a Hayden t-shirt!” I proceeded to tell him how he needs to do a better job marketing. What a dummy.

I got the feeling he remembered me. If not me then definitely the incident in question. LOL


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