Story 15 – The Princesses Go Flying!

It was late morning and Princess Evie was sadly strolling the tops of the walls of Harrowsmith Castle. Yesterday had not been her day. She had lost her bubble wand to mean wood pixies first thing in the morning and then lost the big race to her sister, Princess Charlotte. Now she had nothing better to do on a cool fall day than to watch Princess Charlotte running, jumping, and flying around the castle on Panana, her winged horse. Princess Charlotte’s little dog, Jib, was chasing her all around the grounds.

King Daddy came out of the castle and asked “Charlotte, why didn’t you go to the wall today?”

Charlotte replied, “I already went to the wall this morning. There were no jumping dragons anywhere so I came back.”

King Daddy smiled and said “Panana’s new wings make her fast!”

Charlotte nodded in agreement and King Daddy went back inside to keep doing whatever he was doing.

Charlotte looked annoyed and said to Evie, “I’m supposed to go to the wall and check for jumping dragons every day. I know that. He doesn’t need to ask me if I did what I was supposed to do.”

Evie looked annoyed right back and said, “Panana’s wings don’t maker her faster than Curls!”

“I bet they do.” said Charlotte.

“I bet they don’t!” snapped Evie.

I bet they do!” yelled Charlotte.

“Fine! Let’s race!” said Evie, “and I’ll show you who’s faster!”


Charlotte lead Panana straight off the wall. The winged horse jumped off and glided down to the courtyard below.

“If I win,” Charlotte yelled back to Evie, “You have to help me dye Panana’s hair for a year!”

“That’s fine.” Evie said, unimpressed, “WHEN I win you have to help me get my magic bubble wand back from those nasty, horrible, silly little wood pixies in the enchanted forest!”

“Deal.” said Charlotte, leaning down to shake her sister’s hand.

Evie dashed into the barn and emerged a few seconds later atop Curls, her unicorn. She had taken off her big dress and was only riding in her leggings and underskirt. She also hadn’t put a saddle or reins on Curls.

“Hang on a minute!” said Princess Charlotte, hopping down from Panana. “That’s not fair.” Princess Charlotte unlatched the saddle Panana had on and it fell to the ground. She took off her belt, sword and shield and leaned them onto the saddle.

“Whenever you’re ready, slow poke!” Charlotte teased as she jumped back up onto Panana’s back between her wings.

“First one to Daddoo and back is the winner!” shouted Evie as Curls’ horn began to glow brightly and Princess Evie shot out of the front gate of Harrowsmith Castle.

Princess Charlotte tore off after her. Panana started to gallop furiously with her wings tucked. Once she was over the drawbridge she spread her great wings and flapped them vigorously. Once, twice, three times and they were airborne! Princess Charlotte dove Panana after Princess Evie. Panana was a fast flyer, and she could catch up a little bit when she was diving from the sky. But whenever she had to flap her wings to regain height or glide Curls’ pulled ahead. Her magic was just too strong! In only a couple of minutes Princess Evie had entered Daddoo, did a lap around the towns square and was bolting back to the castle. Princess Charlotte landed in the town square a few minutes later, did a lap around the square and took flight once more.

Princess Charlotte was chasing her sister as fast as she could. Princess Evie noticed a trail of smoke coming from the mountains and stopped galloping to take out her telescope for a closer look. It wasn’t there. She had left everything behind to win the race. Princess Charlotte landed beside Princess Evie who was now completely stopped and staring up into the mountains.

“What’s going on?” asked Charlotte, “Why did you stop?”.

When Princess Evie didn’t answer Princess Charlotte turned to see for herself. When Princess Charlotte saw the smoke coming from the mountains she immediately thought of Leuco and her three eggs, which were probably baby birds by now.

“Oh no! Leuco!” Princess Charlotte said, “We have to help!”

“How?” asked Princess Evie, “We left all our gear in the courtyard!”

Princess Charlotte and Princess Evie knew what they had to do! They rode and flew as fast as Curls and Panana could ride and fly to Harrowsmith Castle. As they were galloping up the hill towards the drawbridge King Daddy, Lord Mike, and Lord Logan went galloping on Clip, Tick-Tock, and Pew-Pew. The princesses wondered where they were going in such a hurry. It wasn’t like them to run away from an emergency. The princesses didn’t have time to worry! They rode and flew fast and swift.

When they arrived the guards were looking towards the smoke stack now emerging from the mountain. The princesses didn’t even stop. Princess Evie jumped down from Curls and said “Sorry Cu’, you can’t come.”, she grabbed her magic wand and her telescope from Curls saddlebags and headed over to Panana. Princess Charlotte had finished strapping her sword and shield to her back and jumped onto Panana in front of Princess Evie. Princess Charlotte snapped the reigns and Panana ran across the courtyard, leapt into the sky and headed skyward!

As the princesses rode Panana up the mountain the smell of smoke started to fill their nostrils. As they came around the ridge where Princess Charlotte knew they would find Leuco’s nest they saw a little fire burning up Leuco’s giant nest. Leuco flapped frantically at the fire with her wings to try to blow out the flames.

“I guess birds don’t know not to flap wind at fire!” Evelyn said to Charlotte.

“Stop! Stop!” Charlotte called out as they landed on the safe side of the nest and Princess Evie and Princess Charlotte jumped out.

Princess Evie saw a large drift of snow just up the mountain from the nest. She pointed her wand and yelled out “Ka-BOOM!”

Her wand shot a magic blast out it’s end and knocked the snow down onto the fire. Princess Charlotte slipped on her magic ring and started to talk to Leuco.

“Is everyone okay?” asked Princess Charlotte.

“Oh, yes! Thank you so much Princesses! I could have lost my whole nest or worse, gotten hurt!” replied Leuco.”How can I ever repay you?”

“No, no. We’re just glad we could help.” Princess Charlotte said as she started to take in her surroundings. “This is incredible! I can see the whole Kingdom from up here!”

Princess Evie pulled out her telescope and pointed it down to gaze at the Kingdom.

“I can’t see Harrowsmith Castle, or Onipilif, but I can see everything else.” Princess Evie said as she scowled, noticing the bubbles coming from the enchanted forest. “Princess Charlotte. Maybe you can help me get my bubble wand back soon? Those nasty wood pixies are going to have it broken before long.”

“Of course.” said Princess Charlotte, no longer caring who arrived at the castle first. It was a silly bet to begin with she thought.

Princess Evie continued to gaze over the lands. She could see smoke rising from the chimney in Nanny and Grandpa’s cottage, she could see the lake on the mountain and the castle in the mountain on the other side of the Kingdom. The telescope slowly moved over all the lands until it looked upon the great wall.

“Oh, NO!” shouted Princess Evie.

“What?!” asked Princess Charlotte.

“The boys need our help!” said Princess Evie. Evie could see that on the other side of the Kingdom the jumping dragons were running amok. They were everywhere and the guards were scattered.

“That must have been where King Daddy, Lord Mike and Lord Logan were running off to this morning!” said Princess Charlotte. I knew I should have gone with them. You could have handled this.”

“We’ll never get there in time unless we hurry!” said Princess Evie, mounting Panana and putting her hand out to help Princess Charlotte up.

“Panana is not strong enough to get us both there really fast. Get down.” Princess Charlotte said, “I will go myself then come back to get you after I have helped out King Daddy and Uncle Mike.”

“No way! I want to help too!” said Princess Evie.

“We’re wasting time!” Charlotte scoffed!

“I will take you” Leuco said, bowing low for Princess Charlotte to mount her.

“Thank you so much!” said Princess Charlotte as she jumped on Leuco’s back.

Princess Charlotte was not scared this time at all when Leuco took to the skies. They dove down the side of the mountain. Princess Charlotte felt the wind flowing through her hair. Leuco was so fast Princess Charlotte barely had any time to enjoy the ride and they were almost to the Great Wall. Princess Evie flew right behind them on Panana but Panana was not as fast as Leuco.

When the princesses arrived at the wall the guards were running in all directions from the jumping dragons. King Daddy, Lord Mike, and Lord Logan were pinned against the wall by three big, fearsome looking dragons. Leuco dove from the skies and Charlotte drew her sword! Leuco picked up two jumping dragons; one in each claw. Then she flapped her wings and tossed them back over the wall. Princess Charlotte jumped down onto one of the dragons snapping at Lord Logan’s shield. She poked him in the bum with her sword. The dragon jumped back over the wall. Princess Charlotte jumped off on top of the great wall and got back on Leuco’s back. They looked around for more dragons to throw back over the wall.

Evie and Panana dropped down into the middle of a bunch of dragons trying to make off with bushels of grain. Panana bucked and kicked two dragons right in the bum with her back legs. Princess Evie pointed her wand at the rest. Ka-BOOM, Ka-BOOM, Ka-BOOM! and blasted them all back over the wall!

All in all it was a great day. Princess Charlotte got to ride Leuco all the way back to Harrowsmith Castle and Princess Evie flew on Panana. The only problem was when they got there they were fast asleep. The day was so busy they had no energy left at all. Queen Mommy and Lady Millie picked the sleeping princesses up and put them in their beds; safe and sound.

Princess Evie woke up but only for a moment. Just long enough to remember that tomorrow they were going to get her bubble wand back from the mean pixies of the Enchanted Forest. šŸ™‚


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