Story 9 – The Thief of Bi’Vrin

It was pouring rain when Princess Charlotte’s eyes opened. She was still very tired. She could tell that it wasn’t time to get up yet. She had bad dreams and now she couldn’t get back to sleep. She dreamt that someone had stolen her horse! She rubbed her eyes and reached over to grab her sword, Jaguar. Princess Charlotte knew this sword very well but now it was a little different. It still had a golden handle with black leather and golden jaguars carved into it, only now Queen Mommy had built a magic handle into it that Princess Charlotte could pull out to reveal a golden bubble wand. When Charlotte blew through the hole in the bubble wand it created little, purple, magic bubbles. Princess Charlotte laid in her bed blowing magic bubbles for a while while she thought about how nice it was for Queen Mommy to make this for her with the help of the Witch Under the Split Falls, Melanie. As Princess Charlotte laid in her bed watching the bubbles pop, she decided that she didn’t like purple bubbles. She wanted pink bubbles like Princess Evelyn. She put her bubble wand down on the bed stand, pushed the bottom of her sword back together and crept from her bed.

When Princess Evie woke up she saw Charlotte holding HER magic bubble wand and blowing a bubble out her window. Princess Evie asked, “Why don’t you use your own wand, Charlotte?” Princess Charlotte ignored her and jumped out the window into the magic bubble. As Princess Charlotte was floating down to the courtyard Princess Evie took out her magic wand, pointed it at Princess Charlotte and burst her bubble. Princess Charlotte fell and landed right in a pile of hay that Panana was eating. Charlotte jumped on Panana and as she dashed from the barn she yelled, “Open the gate!” Princess Evie ran down into the courtyard and straight into the barn. She was really mad as she was putting the reigns onto Curls, her unicorn. King Daddy casually strolled into the barn staring at his scepter. “Running after your sister are you?” King Daddy said. “I have to.” said Princess Evie, “she stole my bubble wand while I was sleeping.” “You know she lives here, right?” King Daddy asked sarcastically. “She can’t just take my wand like that. I have to go teach her a lesson.” said Princess Evie. King Daddy sighed. He knew there was nothing he could say to Princess Evelyn that would calm her down. By this time Princess Evie was on top of Curls and ready to go. “One more thing.” said King Daddy ” Today is not a good day for exploring. I’ve heard reports of some unfavorable people about. ” “I won’t, Daddy” Princess Evie replied as she nudged Curls with her heel an galloped away towards the open gate.

The two princesses raced through the rain and the mud. They didn’t know where they were going; Princess Charlotte only knew that she was running from Princess Evie and Princess Evie knew she wanted to catch Princess Charlotte. They were both really angry although neither could remember quite why. Princess Charlotte raced into the secret forest. The trail leading into the secret forest split just after you entered the cover of the trees. There was a little sign with two arrows on it. The arrow pointing left said “Nanny’s Cabin”. The arrow pointing right said, “To Bi’Vrin – DANGER”. Princess Charlotte knew the way to Nanny’s and was always told not to go to the right. Today though, knowing it was a bad idea, she turned right anyway. She thought that Princess Evie would be too afraid to follow her. When Princess Evie got to the fork in the road she could see the footprints left behind by Panana in the mud. “Oh no, Charlotte” Princess Evie thought. “Of all the days to go that way she had to pick the day Daddy told them not to explore.” She was very scared but she was so mad at Charlotte she didn’t care and pulled Curls’ off to the right to follow Charlotte.

As Princess Charlotte rode along she could feel the air getting colder and colder. She slipped on her magic ring so she could see that Panana wasn’t scared. As soon as her ring slid over the tip of her finger she could hear that Panana was very afraid. “We’re not supposed to be here.” Panana said. Princess Charlotte didnt answer. She took off the ring and slid it back into her pocket. Just when Charlotte thought that it couldn’t get any darker the clouds seemed to prove her wrong. The rain started to pour down harder and as Charlotte pressed on the air turned cold and started turning the rain to snow. The ground all around her became white. As the trail disappeared Princess Charlotte stopped for a moment and looked around.

Princess Charlotte was thinking she should turn back when suddenly, just through the trees, she could see the opening to a small cave. Princess Charlotte was so curious she forgot all about Princess Evie chasing her. She climbed down from Panana and walked through the trees to the cave’s mouth. Cold wind was blowing from the cave. It was so cold Princess Charlotte wrapped her cape as close as she could and tucked her chin into her neck. Princess Charlotte had never seen a cave in real life; only in books. She had to get closer so closer she stepped. She couldn’t see very far in the cave but she was moving very slowly to give her eyes time to adjust to the dark. Before Charlotte could do anything her feet slipped on a patch of ice and she went tumbling. She landed on her bum and slipped and slid a long way down occasionally scratching her arms and legs on nearby rocks. When she finally landed at he bottom it was pitch black all around her except for the light coming down from the mouth of the cave. Charlotte was scared now and reached for her sword. It wasn’t there. Just then Charlotte remembered that she left her wand on her bed stand. Princess Charlotte reached for Princess Evie’s bubble wand. It was bent and twisted. “Oh, no!” Charlotte said aloud. She could see that the magic was gone. Suddenly princess Charlotte felt really terrible. She had wrecked her sister’s wand and might be stuck here forever! She yelled for help but no one could hear her. The cave was too deep.

Meanwhile, above ground, Princess Evie had finally caught up to Charlotte but when she arrived she only found Panana; not Charlotte. Princess Evie was very worried. She looked around and listened for Charlotte but she didn’t see or hear anything. The tracks on the ground were all messed up from Panana standing around for so long by herself. “Charlotte!” Princess Evie shouted. “Where are you?!” Princess Evie heard a strangers voice say “She can’t hear you.” Princess Evie nearly jumped off her unicorn. She had thought she was alone. When Princess Evie turned around there was a man, hooded and cloaked in black, sitting high up in the tree with what looked like a bow and arrow in his hands and rope coiled around his chest. “The name is Daniel” the man said. “Daniel McEvil. Pronounce the E like elephant. The name’s a cruel twist of fate as I think you’ll find me to be quite helpful”. Princess Evie didn’t know what to do. She was not to talk to strangers. King Daddy had told her once dragons were all bad all the time and that people, unlike dragons, have bad people mixed in with the good people and you never really know they’re bad until it’s too late. “Don’t be afraid princess. Your sister is through there.” He pointed to the cave Charlotte had fallen into. “She fell down into that cave. I saw it. I was about to go after her when you showed up.” Daniel patted the rope around his chest. Princess Evie commanded him, “Help me find her or stand aside!” Princess Evie jumped down from Curls and ran to the mouth of the cave. Daniel McEvil was right behind her. She called down into the darkness and was listening for an answer when Daniel McEvil pushed her and she fell into the cave.

Down she slipped and slid bumping her arms and legs on the same rocks as Charlotte. When she finally landed at the bottom she couldn’t see a thing. A dark shape was lumbering toward her from the darkness. Princess Evie touched her wand to a puddle of water and made it glow. The cave lit up like a glow bugs bum. Princess Charlotte was coming towards her with an armful of crystals. They were both shivering in the cold wind that seemed to be running through the cave. Princess Evelyn looked at the stones in Charlotte’s arms and recognized them immediately. “I saw these twinkling in the darkness, they looked valuable.” said Charlotte. “Charlotte! Do you know what you’ve found?!” said Princess Evie, recognizing the crystals right away. “What?” replied Charlotte. “Those are cloud crystals!” Evie said. “Like, floating crystals?!” said Charlotte, “You mean they can get us out of this cave?” Princess Charlotte was hoping she wouldn’t have to tell Princess Evie that she had broken her bubble wand just yet. “No. Not yet anyway. It’s the powder that’s magic. We need somewhere dry to crush them. It’s too wet down here.” Charlotte was discouraged. She wanted out of this mess right now. She was very cold and she was still hurting from her fall. “They’re very rare!” Princess Evie continued. “You should put them in your pocket and we’ll have to use my bubble wand to get out of this cave.” Princess Evie extended her hand and waited for Charlotte to give her her bubble wand. Princess Charlotte laid the wand in Evie’s hand. When Princess Evie saw the bubble wand she was upset that her wand was broken and scared that they were trapped. “Well now I don’t know what to do! How are we going to get out of here?” Princess Evie said in a panic. A cold breeze whisked up and chilled them both. “That wind has to come from somewhere” Charlotte said, “Follow me!” Princess Evie and Princess Charlotte walked deeper and deeper into the cave. Every time it became too dark to see Evie would make a puddle or two glow. The two princesses continued deeper and deeper until they saw light at the end of the darkness.

When they climbed out of the other end of the cave they were knee deep in snow. Their hands and faces were freezing! They heard the growling of snow dragons in the distance. They had to get out of here quick! Princess Evie saw a pile of dry, flat rocks and ran over to them. They were cold but they’d do the trick! “Give me a Crystal, Charlotte” Evie said. Princess Charlotte handed her one of the crystals. Princess Evie wrapped the crystal in the last dry space of her cloak, laid it down on a flat rock, grabbed a bigger flat rock and smashed the crystal inside the fabric. Princess Evie knew she’d shattered the crystal completely. She threw the rock down, unfolded her cloak and carefully dumped the powder into her hand. Princess Evie took Princess Charlotte’s hand. Then she threw the powder in the air above their heads. The two princesses became lighter than air and started to float away. It wasn’t long before they got the hang of it and they were flying through the air like birds. At first it was very cold but as they flew over the mountain and back down to the Secret Forest the winds died down and they started to warm up. The princesses flew past the opening to the cave where they had left Panana and Curls. They were gone! “That two-faced thief!” Princess Evie cursed! “He stole our animals!” “Who?”asked Charlotte. “Daniel McEvil!” spat Evie and she told Charlotte the whole story of how she ended up in the cave.

Princess Charlotte landed on a high tree branch scaring away the birds that were resting there. As the birds circled the tree in a frenzy Princess Charlotte slipped on her magic ring. “I’m looking for a horse, a unicorn, and a man in a black cloak.” Charlotte said. “Can anybody help me?” A small blue bird landed on a branch at Princess Charlotte’s eye level. It spread it’s wings and did a very low bow. “Highness, I saw him, not a half hour ago, south of Daddoo heading into the forest. The Princesses jumped into the air and flew East to get their horse and unicorn back!

It was nearly nightfall when the princesses came onto the woods South of Daddoo. They saw a small campfire burning in the far east of the forest and slowly and quietly glided through the trees to a high perch in the treetops next to the fire. The two princesses could hear loud rushing water. They knew they had to be close to the Split Falls. They could see Panana and Curls tied loosely to a stump. A man came out the woods on the left side of the fire; it was Daniel McEvil. On the right side of the fire, out of the woods, came a lady in a red hood and cape. When she drew her hood back and came into the light the princesses could see it was Melanie, the Witch from beneath the Split Falls! “You must return these animals or the guards will come looking for you!” Melanie, the Witch said. “Let them come! I am ready for them.” Daniel McEvil said. “It is too soon. All the preparations are not made!”, the Witch replied. Princess Charlotte and Princess Evie looked at each other. “What are they talking about?” they each whispered to themselves. Just then Melanie, the Witch and Daniel McEvil started hugging. “Ew.” thought Princess Evie. Then they saw her give him a big slobbery kiss. “EWWWWWW!” thought Princess Charlotte. The princesses knew that this was their chance. They dropped out of the trees onto Panana and Curls, pulled the ropes loose and galloped away as fast as they could.

By the time they had reached the castle King Daddy and Queen Mommy were waiting for them. “You’ve had us worried sick!”, King Daddy said. “Go to your room. I’ll be up in a minute to talk to you.” The princesses tied up their animals in the barn and ran upstairs. They were happy to get into warm and dry pajamas. As they laid in bed waiting for Queen Mommy to come and give them their punishment Charlotte whispered to Princess Evie, “What was that thief doing with the good witch?” “I don’t know” answered Evie. “Maybe she’s not really good after all?” “It sounded like they were planning something bad…” said Princess Charlotte. “Yeah.” Evie agreed. Queen Mommy came into the room quietly. “I’m very disappointed in you two.” she began. The princesses had heard this all before and they began to get sleepy. But when they heard Queen Mommy say “You’ll go to the witch tomorrow to fix it.” Princess Charlotte and Princess Evie both shot up in bed. “What?!” they said. Queen Mommy repeated herself, “Since the two of you worked together to destroy Evie’s bubble wand. The two of you will travel to the Split Falls tomorrow, see the good witch, and ask her to fix it.

Princess Evie and Princess Charlotte didn’t know what to say. They both thought they were in enough trouble already so they said “Ok, Mommy.” and went to sleep. But neither of them slept very well because tomorrow they had to go see the Witch under the Split Falls.


One thought on “Story 9 – The Thief of Bi’Vrin

  1. Sometimes it’s nice to take the road less travelled, but when the sign reads “DANGER” it might be best to take the route to Nanny’s house! :S I hope your visit with the Witch under the Split Falls goes well and Princess Evie’s bubble wand is restored as good as new! No diving off the cliff this time, Princess Charlotte!


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