The ‘Disney Effect’

Here is my daughters enjoying the scene in which Gaston treats Belle like a piece of property and an idiot. I think they’re a little young to understand that Gaston is cast as the buffoon. I think it’s important that we also take note that the man she falls in love with imprisoned her father, imprisoned her, threatened her, and yelled at her during their introduction process. This is why I write the stories I write for them. We don’t let them watch too much TV. We tell them it ‘rots their brains’. But when they do watch TV it sinks in faster and stays longer than anything we ever teach them. Disney has cracked the dark triad formula and applied it to toddlers.


One thought on “The ‘Disney Effect’

  1. This video is awesome. Teaching them to act is a good way to see the problems which are assoicated with putting girls or boys for that matter into boxes damging the ability to try otherwise. I agree and support this post


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