Story 8 – The Princess Who Cried Dragon

The sun was setting on the Princesses when they met their cousins in the grass plains outside Onipilif. Logan and Marcus and the princesses said “hello” to each other before they pitched their tents, set the picnic table, set up their chairs around the fire pit and were trying to light a fire. Normally they would not be allowed out after dark but they were under the watchful eyes of the guards on the walls of Onipilif. There wasn’t much that could happen to them in those fields. They were far enough away from most danger but just to be sure Lord Mike always posted extra guards to watch the children when they went camping outside the walls. Princess Charlotte and Princess Evie thought Lord Mike was being a little bit silly. After all the shepherds were allowed outside the gates all night to watch the sheep and cows that grazed in the fields.

“Jumping Dragons never make it this far into the Kingdom” Princess Charlotte said. “You’re more likely to get a Fire Dragon from the south and they can’t even cross water”, said Logan. They all laughed at the joke as the fire slowly turned to nice hot coals. When the coals were just right Princess Evie said “Let’s eat!” and she pulled out her backpack that she had stuffed with loads of goodies. She threw a package of hot dogs from the butcher to Princess Charlotte and she threw a bag of marshmallows at Logan. They all pulled their poking sticks out and started cooking up the hot dogs and marshmallows. They had a really good time singing songs, telling stories and cooking food, but when they were all very full and the fire had burnt out they crept to their tents and went to sleep.

The next morning the princesses woke up to the sound of a hundred sheep making noise. “Baaaa!” “Baaaa!” “Baaaa!” the sheep cried. The princesses couldn’t sleep so they crawled out of their tent and to their surprise there was sheep everywhere! Logan and Marcus soon joined them. Marcus said “This is no fun! I’m going home!” as he stomped off into the city of Onipilif. Logan called out, “Hey, shepherd!” but there was no answer. “I can’t see anyone.” said Princess Evie, “are you sure there’s a shepherd?” “No.” replied Logan, but these sheep have ruined our morning and someone had better have a good explanation!”

It wasn’t long before a tired shepherd came running over the hill. “Oh good! They’re safe!” he exclaimed, seeing his sheep grazing in the fields in front of Onipilif. He came running toward Princess Charlotte, Princess Evie and Logan and when he saw who they were he bowed his head in respect. “Highnesses, forgive me. I did not mean to ruin your camp site.” He continued on, “you see a bolt of lightning struck the ground between me and my dogs and my sheep. My dogs ran towards Abbeyvale, where my master lives and here, where my sheep clearly enjoy the grass. I could not stop them because I didn’t have my dogs.

“It’s alright” said Logan. “They’re quite safe here.” “Well,” said the shepherd, “can I leave them with you for a day while I travel to Abbeyvale to fetch my dogs?” “Do we look like shepherd’s?” asked Princess Charlotte. “I have to go to the Wall today, King Daddy is expecting me.” She whistled very loudly and Panana came charging through the gate towards them in the field. As she mounted Panana she asked Princess Evie, “I can go with you as far as Daddoo if you want some company.” “I think I might watch the sheep.” replied Evelyn.

“What?!” Logan and Princess Charlotte cried “you can’t be serious!” But she was. Princess Evie was going to stay and watch the sheep. “Well I have to go, take this.” Princess Charlotte threw Princess Evie her magic ring that let her talk to animals. “Thanks!” said Princess Evie. Logan looked a little sheepish. “I’ll stay and keep you company.” said Logan. “You don’t have to.” said Princess Evie. “It could be fun” said Logan. Princess Charlotte charged off with Panana, her bubble sword and her magic shield to meet Daddy at the wall.

Princess Evie and Logan sat back down on the grass. But it didn’t take long for them to realize that was a bad idea. The sheep were everywhere and they were nipping at Princess Evie and Logan’s cloaks and licking their cheeks. The two of them stood up and ran towards the hay bails on the hill to take a seat. From the hay bails they could see the whole flock of sheep. For the most part they just stood there eating grass. At first it was very relaxing to sit in the sun and watch the sheep. But after a while, when nothing was happening Princess Evie and Logan got bored and drifted off to sleep.

When they woke up they had a huge mess to clean up. The sheep had scattered all over the valley. Princess Evie ran one way and Logan ran the other. They ran around for an hour chasing sheep back into the place they were supposed to be. “Better not fall asleep again” said Logan. “Right you are.” said Princess Evie. Well it didn’t take long before they were really bored again. Their eyes were getting heavy and they were both afraid they might fall asleep again. “I have an idea!” said Princess Evie, “follow me!”

She ran into the front gate of Onipilif screaming “Jumping dragons! They’re everywhere! They’re stealing the sheep!” The guards pounced into action. They grabbed their spears and the shields. They ran out the gate as fast as they could. When they passed through the gate they came to an abrupt stop. There were no jumping dragons anywhere.

The captain of the guards was very unimpressed. He turned to the Princess and said “Highness, you may be the Princess, but even Princesses should never cry dragon.” Princess Evie and Logan ran back to their haystack while the guards went back into the city and resumed their duties.

It wasn’t very much longer and Princess Evie and Logan were bored again. Logan looked at Princess Evie and said “Let’s do it again!” This time Logan lead the way and Princess Evie came screaming up behind him! “Jumping dragons! They’re everywhere! They’re stealing the sheep!” The guards pounced into action. Once again they grabbed their spears and the shields. Once again they ran out the gate as fast as they could, and, once again, when they passed through the gate they came to an abrupt stop. There were no jumping dragons anywhere.

The captain of the guards was now incredibly mad. He turned to Logan and said “My young Lord, you may be the son of the Duke of Onipilif, but even young Lords should never cry dragon.” Logan and Princess Evie ran back to their haystack while the guards went back into the city and resumed their duties.

Later in the evening Logan and Princess Evie had lit a fire. The sheep were all asleep and they were going to roast the last of their marshmallows. When over the hill came a pack of jumping dragons! There were five purple jumping dragons with yellow horns. They started to scoop up the sheep and jump away with them. Logan looked at Princess Evie. Princess Evie looked at Logan. They both sprang to their feet and ran for the city walls! “Jumping dragons! They’re everywhere! They’re stealing the sheep!” they screamed. But this time none of the guards pounced into action. None of the guards went and grabbed their spears or shields. None of them ran out the gate to help. This time there was jumping dragons everywhere and no one believed them.

Logan and Princess Evie didn’t know what to do. They turned around and Logan grabbed a big stick and Princess Evie pulled out her wand. Princess Evie was pointing her wand and using her magic to freeze the jumping dragons, while Logan bopped them on the head and made them drop the sheep. There were just too many dragons to save all the sheep. Just then Princess Charlotte came charging over the hill with King Daddy and a whole bunch of King Daddy’s guards. They were chasing jumping dragons all over the Kingdom all day. When the fighting was over they saved all the sheep and dragged the dragons to the big wall and tossed them over.

The guards never told King Daddy or Lord Mike what had happened that day and Princess Evie and Logan never forgot the lesson they had learned.


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