Story 7 – The Witch and the Split Falls

Princess Evie woke up to Princess Charlotte shaking her shoulder and calling her name. Princess Evie did not like to be woken up. She was a girl who needed to wake up on her own time or she developed a severe case of the grumps. “I’m up, Charlotte!” said Princess Evie, “and it’s a good thing I’ve gotten enough sleep or I’d be really mad. What do you want?” “Have you seen my Jaguar?” Princess Charlotte asked. Princess Evie looked over at the shelf that Charlotte, since as long as she could remember, had kept her favourite sword, Jaguar. Princess Charlotte had lots of swords but Jaguar was her favourite. She had found it in the dessert when she and King Daddy exploring. They found two oases that day and stuck in a palm tree was jaguar. A simple sword about half as long as Princess Charlotte was tall. The steel blade was as straight as an arrow. It also had black leather wrapped around the handle for grip and two baby jaguars sculpted into the hilt. It was awesome and Charlotte loved it. “I haven’t seen it. Are you sure you left it on the shelf?” Princess Evie asked, knowing what the answer would be. “Of course, where else would I leave it?” replied Charlotte. Princess Evie got out of bed to help Charlotte look for her sword. They looked on all the shelves, in the closet, and under the bed. It was not in their room. We’ll have to go ask someone they thought. Princess Charlotte and Princess Evie got dressed in rough jeans and baggy shirts. That’s what they always wore when they were off to have an adventure and this felt like the beginning of a good one to both of them.

The two princesses ran into the kitchen. Grandpa was there making breakfast. He and Nanny had stayed with them since Uncle Mike, the Lord of Onipilif’s birthday party. “Grandpa, have you seen Charlotte’s sword?” they asked. “No.” said Grandpa.

The princesses ran into the next room and found King Daddy polishing his crown. “Daddy, have you seen Charlotte’s sword?” they asked. “No.” said King Daddy. Charlotte was beginning to get frustrated.

Princess Evie and Princess Charlotte went into the courtyard and asked some of the guards on the castle walls. “Have you seen Princess Charlotte’s sword?” “No.”, replied all the guards. Now Princess Charlotte was really getting mad.

Princess Evie thought Princess Charlotte had better check the stable. Princess Charlotte didn’t think it was there but Princess Evie wanted to be sure she didn’t leave Jaguar with Panana’s harness and saddle. “You never know.”, Princess Evie said. On their way across the courtyard to the stable the Royal Jester, Francis, came trotting towards them. “Knock, Knock.”, your highnesses. “Who’s there?” the princesses responded in unison. “What When Where Why”, Francis replied. “What, When, Where, Why, Who?” the princesses asked together. “You ask too many questions.”, Francis replied and began to roar laughing! He laughed so hard he tripped backwards and tumbled into the fountain. When he came up out of the water he had the tiny mean crocodile on his head. Princess Charlotte and Princess Evie thought it was a bad time to ask him about Jaguar and ran off to the stable.

When they got inside the stable they woke up Panana and Curl’s. Princess Charlotte slipped on her magic ring and said, “Good Morning Panana. Good Morning Curls.” “Good morning!” The horse and the unicorn replied. “You’re late this morning, princess,” said Panana to princess Charlotte. “I always expect you at dawn.” “I can’t find Jaguar.” she explained to Panana. Panana came close to Princess Charlotte and whispered in her ear. “I saw it this morning. Just before dawn. I thought it was you so I looked out the window. The Queen, Queen Mommy had it. She got into a carriage and left before the sun came up. “Why would Queen Mommy steal my sword?” Princess Charlotte asked. “I don’t know”, replied Panana, “You should ask that silly man.”, Curls said. “Francis, the Jester?” Princess Charlotte asked. Both animals nodded in confirmation.

In the courtyard the Royal Jester, Francis was on his knees ringing out his slippers and hat by the fountain getting ready to go inside when he looked up and was startled by the Princesses. Princess Evie had her hands on her hips and Princess Charlotte had her arms crossed across her chest. They were both giving Francis the dirtiest dirty looks they could make. “What?”, asked Francis. Princess Charlotte got right up in Francis’ face and pointed her finger right at his nose. “Where’d Queen Mommy take Jaguar!”, she demanded. Francis was so scared that she told Princess Charlotte right away. “She went to the witch under the falls but I don’t know why.” he replied.

Princess Evie turned to Princess Charlotte and asked, “why would she take Jaguar to the witch under the falls?” “I don’t know”, said Princess Charlotte, “but I’m going to find out.” Princess Charlotte stormed off and strapped on Panana’s harness and saddle, jumped on top and galloped out of the barn. “Wait! We an use my bubble wand!”, called Princess Evie but it was too late. Princess Charlotte was already through the gate. Princess Evie put the harness and saddle on Curls, hopped on top and charged out after Charlotte.

Princess Evie chased Princess Charlotte all day. She wanted to tell her that if they had just taken her bubble wand then they’d be there by now but Princess Charlotte was so mad she wasn’t thinking straight. She was in a straight charge for Onipilif and there was no stopping her.

When Princess Charlotte came to Onipilif Logan and Marcus were in the fields outside the city playing. They chased her into the square and down to the dock. When they finally caught up she didn’t even say hello. She very rudely said, “I need a boat.” “I guess you can take mine.”, said Logan. But it takes four to row it and we only have three. Just then Pricness Evie came galloping through the gate and right down to the dock. “You are a mean sister!” she yelled at Charlotte. “I’ve chased you all morning!” “Well, I’m glad you’re here.”, said Charlotte. “We need a fourth.”

Princess Evie was very steamed up by the time they were rowing up the river towards the split falls. Princess Charlotte didn’t seem to care what anyone thought. When they passed the beaches in the bend of the river the current was too strong they couldn’t get any closer. “Row harder!” Charlotte commanded. “We’re rowing as hard as we can!” Logan, Marcus, and Princess Evie all said at once. Princess Charlotte was so mad she slammed her hands down on the side of the boat and it tipped over!

By the time Princess Evie, Marcus and Logan all washed up on the beach exhausted from their swim Princess Charlotte was already on her feet and charging up the beach into the South Woods. “Wait!” said Evie, “I think you’re going the wrong way!” But princess Charlotte wouldn’t slow down; not even for a second.

When Princess Charlotte came out of the woods she could see the Split Falls! The only problem was they were in the bottom of the canyon and they were standing on top of a cliff. “GREAT! JUST GREAT!” Charlotte screamed. She was so mad now that tears were starting to well up in her eyes.

Princess Evie, Logan, and Marcus came out of the woods a few seconds later, completely exhausted. “We tried to tell you,” said Princess Evie. “Shut up!” said Princess Charlotte. “I don’t want to hear it.” and she went running towards the edge. “NO!” Marcus, Evie, and Logan shouted. But it was too late. Charlotte had jumped over the cliff. Princess Evie screamed and ran to see if she was okay. There was a big splash and Chatlotte was swimming around the edges of the Furby’s Cove to the split waterfall. Princess Charlotte swam behind the first waterfall and went up the stairs to the witch’s door. She knocked, and knocked and knocked. She was so mad she was determined not to stop knocking until somebody OPENED THAT DOOR!

Finally the door swung open. It was Queen Mommy. Charlotte suddenly felt very small. Queen Mommy stared at her right in the eyes and said, quite calmly, “Come inside Charlotte.” When she came inside there was Princess Evie, Logan and Marcus all sitting around a lady she had never met before. They were all looking into a giant magic seeing globe. Charlotte knew that Queen Mommy had been watching her the entire time. The lady she had never met came over to Princess Charlotte and said “My my my, the tales of the fearlessness of Princess Charlotte were not exaggerated. My name is Melanie and I am at your service, highness.” Charlotte didn’t even have time to say thank you. Queen Mommy grabbed her by the ear and pulled her aside. “Fearlessness indeed!” she huffed, “You charged across the Kingdom without telling anyone where you were going. You took your cousins up stream in dangerous waters. You ran through the south forest alone and you didn’t even have your sword or shield! Then, oh THEN, you top it all off by jumping off a cliff into Furby’s cove! What do you have to say for yourself?” Princess Charlotte did not know what to say. In the end all she could think of was, “Sorry Mommy. I was really mad you took my sword.”

“Well, it’s over now and everyone is safe.” Queen Mommy said. “Just be thankful I had your sister’s bubble wand with me or your sister and cousins may have jumped in right after you.” “We wouldn’t have, honest!” Logan, Marcus and Princess Evie said. “I just don’t know what to do with any of you.”

Queen Mommy took Princess Evie, Princess Charlotte, Logan, and Marcus home. When they were settled in their rooms Queen Mommy and King Daddy came in to give them hugs and kisses. Once Queen Mommy had left King Daddy brought a wrapped package out from under his purple cloak. Charlotte opened it as fast as she could. “You can’t have it until your punishment is over.” said King Daddy, “but I wanted you to see it.” When Princess Charlotte had torn off the cloth there was Jaguar, gleaming and beautiful, except, this wasn’t jaguar. Something was different. It had a small circle on the bottom of her sword where none was before. When Charlotte breathed out her breath went through the hole and blew a tiny magic bubble. She was so excited she jumped up and gave Daddy a big hug and then ran out of the room to find Queen Mommy and give her a hug. Queen Mommy had made her sword into a magic bubble sword.


2 thoughts on “Story 7 – The Witch and the Split Falls

  1. Goodness, Charlotte was too angry to reason with! She put herself and others in danger because of it. Hopefully, she learned a great lesson from this adventure and will think things out more clearly if something should upset her this much ever again. Wasn’t that a nice surprise from Mommy Queen!


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