Story 4 – The Jumping Dragons

In the middle of a world overrun by dragons there was a peaceful kingdom. The kingdom of Harrowsmith was ruled by King Daddy and Queen Mommy. It was a quiet Kingdom because King Daddy had made peace with the Kingdoms to the north and south.

To the north was Bi’Vrin. A Kingdom ruled by King Christopher and Queen Samantha. Bi’Vrin had great mountains and vast fields of ice. The people of Bi’Vrin were artistic people with many great musicians and sculptors. They built ice walls that kept the ice dragons away. Queen Mommy would visit them often and take Princess Evie with her.

To the south there was a scorching hot desert and the Kingdom of Ominerve. The people in the dessert only travelled at night. Their magic was powerful. They controlled the sand and they had shields and swords made of unbreakable glass. King Daddy would visit the south often and take Princess Charlotte with him.

To the west there was mountains with a narrow pass. The pass lead to a long beach of white sand and a great, salty ocean. The dragons of the ocean could not fly very well and they were too big to fit through the narrow and jagged path through the mountains. Very seldom people would go to the beach to see the ocean and would almost always be chased away by the water dragons.

The only danger to the Kingdom was the jumping dragons to the east. There were so many jumping dragons that the people of the Kingdom of Harrowsmith built a huge wall between a mountain and a canyon to keep the jumping dragons out. Guards lined the the top of the wall with their swords, shields, spears, and bows and arrows. But sometimes the jumping dragons would jump right over and try to eat all the Kingdom of Harrowsmith’s food.

It took the better part of a day to ride from the Harrowsmith Castle to the Great Wall but Princess Charlotte would do it almost every day to make sure that no jumping dragons were getting inside the borders of the Kingdom, stealing food, and scaring the people of Harrowsmith.

One morning as Princess Charlotte was putting her saddle on Panana, her strong and beautiful horse, Princess Evie stuck her head in the barn.

“Charlotte, can you show me how to get to the Great Wall?”, asked Princess Evie.

“Why do you want to go to the gate? It’s very dangerous. There are usually jumping dragons everywhere!”, replied Princess Charlotte.

“Queen Mommy wants to use my magic bubble wand to go see the Rain Maker on the mountain but I gave it to King Daddy last night so he could get to the great wall and back quickly.”, answered Princess Evie.

“Well if King Daddy went last night and didn’t come back them there’s probably jumping dragons everywhere! Get your unicorn ready and try to keep up!”

Princess Evie jumped onto her beautiful unicorn named Curls as Charlotte mounted Panana. Princess Charlotte tucked her sword into her belt and threw her magic shield over her shoulder. They rode out of the stable together. Princess Charlotte yelled, “Open the gate!”

Princess Charlotte and Princess Evie rode as fast as they could all morning through the villages, hills and valleys, forests and farm fields. When the afternoon came the were coming over the biggest hill in the Kingdom. The hill was so big that even from the castle it hides the other side and the Great Wall.

Princess Evie said to Princess Charlotte, “I really should ride outside Harrowsmith Castle more often, our Kingdom is very beautiful.”

Princess Charlotte smiled and said “Something is not right. Let’s be careful, Evie.”

As the two princesses rode over the hill they were shocked to see jumping dragons everywhere! They were jumping around like fleas, grabbing sheep, cows, and bushels of grain and jumping back over the wall. Princess Charlotte pulled out her sword and shield and charged off to take care of the jumping dragon problem. Princess Evie pulled a long telescope from her saddlebag and gazed across the other side of the big hill. There were a lot of jumping dragons and the Kingdom’s knights and guards were all over the place trying to shoe them off. She wasn’t sure how she was ever going to find King Daddy in all this mess. Just then she saw King Daddy’s bright purple cape. He had a jumping dragon by the nose and there was a guard holding down each leg.

While Princess Charlotte was charging around on Panana bopping jumping dragons on the head with her shield and poking them in the bum with her sword! Princess Evie rode Curls as fast as she could towards King Daddy. When she got to Kind Daddy they had just thrown the jumping dragon back over the wall and were turning around to look for another one! When King Daddy saw Princess Evie he said, “My dear daughter, this is no place for you. You have not been trained to fight jumping dragons like your sister. This is a very dangerous place!”

“I know daddy,”, said Princess Evie, “but I had to get my magic bubble wand back so Queen Mommy can visit the Rain Maker.”

Princess Charlotte was still busy chasing away the dragons. She had jumped on the back of one of the jumping dragons and was getting tossed around. She was going to poke it in the bum with her sword but she slipped and dropped her sword on the ground. The jumping dragon started jumping around like a crazy bull. Princess Charlotte hung on tightly to its horns. King Daddy told his troops to head towards Princess Charlotte to help while he reached into his pocket and produced the magic bubble wand. Princess Evie was reaching for it just as Charlotte, the Jumping Dragon and four guards pounced over top of Princess Evie and knocked her off her unicorn. When Princess Charlotte saw Princess Evie laying on the ground she jumped off the dragon and ran to her side. King Daddy was holding her.

“I’ll take her back to Queen Mommy”, said Princess Charlotte, “She’ll know what to do.”

Princess Charlotte picked up Princess Evie’s bubble wand, blew a bubble big enough for the both of them, picked up Princess Evie and stepped inside. They were home in no time! Queen Mommy had Princess Evie put into her bed and she used her magic to fix her bumps and bruises. Princess Charlotte stayed by her bedside all night. In the morning Princess Charlotte heard King Daddy yell “Open the gate!” as he rode in on his great white horse, Clip, towing Panana and Curls behind him on a long rope. A few minutes later King Daddy was at Princess Evie’s bedside. Just as he was picking up Princess Evie’s hand her eyes began to open.

“I think it’s time we trained you to fight dragons.” said King Daddy.


One thought on “Story 4 – The Jumping Dragons

  1. Goodness, you are all very brave to be defending the Kingdom from the dreaded Jumping Dragons! Hopefully, someday, you will come up with a solution to rid your kingdom of these creatures or better yet, maybe befriend them and somehow come up with a solution to live together in peace.


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