Story 2 – The Unicorn’s Horn

On a particularly rainy day in the Kingdom of Harrowsmith, Princess Evie was combing her unicorn Curls in the barn. It was quite a difficult task, as she had to make sure not to touch Curls’s horn. You never touch a baby unicorn’s horn. Its magic is so powerful and uncontrolled, you never know what might happen. You might be transported to a cloud with the sky folk, it might put you straight to sleep, or you could end up so hungry you could never fill up your belly, even if you ate a hundred marshmallows.


At that moment, Princess Charlotte rode in on Panana, her trusty horse. Charlotte took off her wet cloak and hung it on a nail on a wooden post to let it dry. Princess Evie could see Charlotte’s hair was soaking wet and asked, “Is it too wet to chase dragons today?”


“Yes!” replied Charlotte. “I barely made it past the windmill, and it was raining so hard I couldn’t see two feet in front of me.”


Princess Evie was excited that Princess Charlotte was going to be around the castle all day.


“What do you want to do today?” Princess Evie asked.


“Well, first I’d like to get out of these wet clothes and into something dry,” said Charlotte.


“I can do that for you, Charlotte!” said Princess Evie excitedly as she took out a wand.


“No, that’s okay. I like to do things by myself sometimes” said Princess Charlotte, “magic is fun, but it’s good to do things on your own too.”


When Charlotte was dried off, she combed her hair and changed into a bright red dress. Princess Charlotte then put her sword back on the wall and went to find her sister. She looked in King Daddy’s throne room. Princess Evie wasn’t there. She went and looked in the kitchen. Princess Evie wasn’t there either. She went into the tower and up the long staircase to the top. Princess Evie was nowhere to be found! Princess Charlotte saw Queen Mommy sitting on a giant pillow by the window in the tower reading her book.


“Mommy, have you seen Evie?” asked Princess Charlotte. “She said we could play together when I was done getting changed but I can’t find her.”


“I haven’t seen her, honey”, Queen Mommy said as she went to the window to look. “Are you not hunting dragons today because of the rain?”


“Yes.” said Charlotte.


“I will have to ask the Rain Maker for a little less rain next year.” said Queen Mommy.


“Oh look!” said Queen Mommy, “There’s your sister now. She’s running back to the barn.”


“Thanks!” said Princess Charlotte as she ran off to catch her sister.


“Don’t touch that baby unicorn’s horn!” said Queen Mommy.


Charlotte didn’t like being told what to do, but she sighed “I won’t.”


When Princess Charlotte got to the barn, she finally saw Princess Evie. “What are you doing out here again?” asked Princess Charlotte.


“I forgot to cover Curls’ horn. Can you make sure no one touches it while I go get the cover?” asked Princess Evie.


“Sure thing!” said Princess Charlotte.


Princess Evie ran back out into the rain. I don’t see what that big deal is thought Charlotte. Everyone tells me never to touch the unicorn’s horn but what is the worst thing that could happen? She reached up curiously and grabbed the unicorns long, white, sparkling horn and POOF! The horn shone brightly and Princess Charlotte vanished. When Princess Evie came back with the horn cover, Panana and Curls were snorting, stomping and making all kinds of noise. They were very upset that Princess Charlotte had vanished right before their eyes. Princess Evie could see that Curls’s horn was still glowing. She knew exactly what had happened and ran as fast as she could to tell Queen Mommy!


Meanwhile, hanging upside down from a massive bird’s nest in the mountain was Princess Charlotte. She was very wet, very cold, and very much upside down. She pulled herself upright and began to climb the side of the nest to look inside. When she peaked over the edge, she could see three eggs in the nest that were as big as she was! There was also something shiny behind the eggs, stuck in the branches. Princess Charlotte climbed into the nest and made her way to the other side of the eggs. She did not want the bird who laid these giant eggs to come back and find her in its nest. Princess Charlotte took a closer look at the shiny object. It was a silver shield, large and round. Princess Charlotte pulled it out of the side of the nest and held it over her head to get out of the rain.

Just then, a loud screech filled the air. Princess Charlotte could see that a great feathered dragon was swooping down towards the nest. It must be after the eggs! Princess Charlotte thought. She picked up the biggest stick she could find and held up the shield. When the dragon landed, she bopped it right on the nose. The dragon slipped and fell, feathers flying everywhere as it tumbled out of sight.
Right then, a giant white bird fluttered down to the nest. She was so happy that Princess Charlotte had protected her nest, that she told Princess Charlotte she could keep the shield that she had found as a reward.


Charlotte was happy but she didn’t know how she was going to get home. The sky was beginning to get dark when Charlotte saw a magic bubble floating towards her. Charlotte got into the bubble curled up on her big new shield and fell asleep, hoping that the bubble would be able to take her home.


When Princess Charlotte woke up the next day, she was in her bed and Princess Evie was still asleep. Her new shield now hung on the wall next to her sword, Jaguar. There was a little note that read:


I am going to let you keep this shield
because it will help you to protect the kingdom
but I want you to say you’re sorry to your sister.
She was worried sick!
Love Queen Mommy.


When Evie woke up, Princess Charlotte said she was sorry and then told Princess Evie what had happened with the bird nest in the mountains.



One thought on “Story 2 – The Unicorn’s Horn

  1. It’s very hard sometimes to follow rules! I am a very curious person too, Princess Charlotte, so I probably would have touched the unicorn’s horn too! Making mistakes are all part of life. Sometimes making mistakes help us to learn the greatest lessons in life. I’m just so relieved that everything worked itself out in the end and that you ended up back home safe and sound!


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