Story 1 – A Lovely Dinner

Once upon a time there were two princesses,  Evelyn and Charlotte. Twin princesses, in fact, of the Kingdom of Harrowsmith. Princess Charlotte was a rough and tumble princess and she kept the Kingdom of Harrowsmith safe from dragons. Princess Evie  was the softer and more gentle of the two princesses and she kept the kingdom well-fed with her cooking and happy with her magic. Every day, Princess Charlotte would ride out through the gates of Harrowsmith Castle on her horse, Panana, and scare dragons with her sword, Jaguar. Working together, they kept the Kingdom safe, fed, and happy.


One day Princess Evie was getting ready to throw a party for the whole kingdom. Everyone was invited. She noticed that Princess Charlotte’s horse Panana was still in the stable. She took out her magic bubble wand and started to blow a bubble. Princess Evie blew and blew until the bubble was as big as she was.  She stepped into the bubble, using her magic to float all the way up to Princess Charlotte’s balcony. When Princess Evie  climbed through the window, she found Princess Charlotte fast asleep.


“Wake up sister, I’m having a party today and you need to make sure the guests are safe from dragons!” Princess Charlotte groaned.


Princess Evie  poked her sister and shook her shoulder. “Please wake up! I need your help!”


Princess Evie  poked again, this time more annoyed. Princess Charlotte still didn’t move.


“Fine! I’m going to have my party and you can sleep all day like a lazy sloth!”  Princess Evie exclaimed. With that, she stormed off to prepare for her guests.


The afternoon sun was beautiful and warm wind was blowing from the south. Princess Evie had used her magic to set all the tables for her guests. She had finished cooking the dinner and she was using her magic to serve it. As the plates flew to their spots on the table, the breeze coming in through the window blew the smell of the delicious food over the walls of the kingdom and right into the nearby caves where a dragon was hiding. When the dragon smelled all the good cooking, he followed his nose towards Harrowsmith Castle. When the jumping dragon first appeared over the wall, all of Princess Evie’s guests flew into a panic. They started screaming and running around like crazy people, afraid the dragon was going to leap over the wall.


Princess Charlotte heard the commotion from up in her tower. She sprang from her bed and grabbed Jaguar, ran out onto her balcony and slid down a banner that hung from the castle walls. Princess Charlotte ran into the stable and burst out riding Panana. “Open the gate!” she yelled, and she galloped off to take care of the dragon. By the time Charlotte returned, all the guests were gone. Princess Evie stood with her arms crossed and her face in a twist.


“I got the dragon,” Princess Charlotte boasted. Princess Evie was not impressed.


“Charlotte, my party was ruined! You should have done your part to keep the Kingdom safe before the dragon got this close!” exclaimed Princess Evie.


“I know, I’m sorry! I’ll never put you in danger like that again, I swear!” promised Princess Charlotte.


Just then, the people of the Kingdom poked their heads out from around the corners, windows, and doors in the courtyard. There were even people under the haystacks and wagons near the barn. “Is it safe to come out?” the closest girl asked. “It’s all clear!” boasted Princess Charlotte.


Princess Evie smiled and proclaimed “Let’s eat!”

3 thoughts on “Story 1 – A Lovely Dinner

  1. How lucky the people of your Kingdom are to have such hardworking princesses keeping everyone safe, fed, and happy! Maybe I shall visit! I would love seeing you both again! Love Aunt Beth xoxo


    • Wow I had no idea that Harrowing was at the edge of the Dragon’s Den. The two Princesses are very brave. Well written.


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