The ravings…

Part of me wants to sleep, big day tomorrow, but that’s why I can’t. {Pointless meandering sentence… why can’t he just write I can’t sleep; big day tomorrow… ugh.} Chuck’s marks are coming back tomorrow. I don’t think I should worry. Don, and 3rd years (most experience) are saying not to worry about it but things have been going really good and I am afraid of a downfall. {This sounds very similar to journal entries I’m writing 16 years later.} I showed up to the 3rd year show in a handsome suit and helped out. I know he saw me but I also know the were marked by then.  It’s still good karma for the final exam. I want to be a designer but what precedes my that need is my need to be an SLC graphic design 2nd year.

I will complete this course no matter what. I just prefer to do it like Chris is going to do it. not like Crystal is doing it. {I don’t know what that means anymore…} Although one has to respect that wicked bitch for never saying die and never standing down from Chuck. I can see her bitching out the entire world with her designs. {Such anger and I can’t remember why… I am going to go out on a limb here and guess it was probably unfounded anger.}

As much as I wanted that man hater to fail I want her to succeed too just so I know she’s as strong as I saw her years ago. {I honestly have no idea. 😦 }


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