More Eliza dreams.

I dreamt about Eliza again last night. I think it’s because of her sudden appearance and bombardment of my life (the party, the net) {Glad to see I flew off the handle as easily then as I do now. Some things never change.} It just freaked me out. I think everything will be fine now.

No worries.

I am thinking of asking out Beth’s sister, Leyna to the movies. I think she’s very pretty and I asked Jeff and he said “he’d dink her” {High praise.} so when I get the confidence I am going for it. {omg! She said yes and I took her to High Fidelity. That movie is not a good date movie at all! Very anti-woman but I loved it so much we watched the whole thing. I laughed my ass off the whole time. Pretty sure she didn’t like it. She never called me back. LOL.}


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