Then enter Eliza.

We met at new years. I thought she was very pretty and lovely. Unfortunately she was attached. I let it slide and thought about another girl.

Later I found out that she and her man were over. I was very happy. Jeff, as he normally does, took the liberty of telling her that I liked her. Thanks Jeff. Although it’s not how I wanted it to happen it still made each of us start talking with a little interest towards one another.

After an amazing night on Friday. We’d been talking about it for so long. We saw a movie and had dinner at the Griz.

Anyways, we saw each other again, and after another day of fun we finally kissed. That was the first of February. That’s when we became official.

It’s been a few weeks since the first now. We have shared extremely intimate moments. We have also shared emotional ones.

We are going to semi formal at Zorba’s (place where Chad lost his virginity.) and we are going to have fun even though I know that I can’t dance. This is happening tomorrow night.

This girl does weird and wonderful things to me. I wanted to look good for her at semi so I spent $101.80 something on a new outfit. Tonight I can’t find my shoes and I may have to wear old ones. I also got a hair cut just a few days ago. I was swearing not to cut my hair again until grad but I wanted to look good. I think I was feeling down on my appearance and knew that she would make me feel better if I cut it right short.

She and I get along great. When I first started dating her though I was nervous about her previous boyfriends, all 14 of them in one year. I was a little insecure for a while but now I feel good and secure and very happy with her.

Her father on the other hand… he scares the beJesus out of me! She had told me that he had been an asshole to her and her sister since they were kids, but I had no idea until last night.

I went over when it was only her and her sister home. (Not allowed.) and her father walks in. WE weren’t doing anything, but even if we were he is a lot cooler about things than Eliza’s mom. So this had nothing to do with me.

Anyways, Eliza gets up to get the man’s dinner and as she is preparing the leftovers from last night he says loudly and very harshly, “I don’t want that shit two nights in a row!”. She asks him what he wants and he doesn’t know and yells, “just fucking forget it.” and storms downstairs.

I, being totally surprised by this man I thought was sane flipping out on his daughter, asked her if she was ok, and she starts to cry. Now, Eliza does not cry, or at least that’s what I’ve been told, so this is major drama for me. {Major drama?! For you!? It’s child abuse… for her! I can’t believe I forgot about this. Her father was a complete asshole to her. He was huge and I was terrified of him. He worked for Snap-On tools. I used to think about him when I saw their trucks around town.} I try to hold her and console her but she covers her face and buries it in my chest. I felt like I was going to burst into tears. It was awful and then she said crying, “every single night he does this.”. That scares me because I feel a great deal for her.


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