November 16, 1999.

{New journal.}

November 16th. First entry. 1999. Before the clock strikes twelve.

It’s funny. It took me almost 2 years to finish the first one and I start this journal exactly two years after the first one. {#stonerlogic}

Only this one starts with shitty news. I believe the last one was when I was happy about going out with Katrina.

After Emily there was Lisa, a two night stand who I barely talk to and try to avoid at all costs. She was my second. I am ashamed to admit she was my first rebound. Boy did I ever rebound. I will have to remember not to do that again.

As bad as it was to do to someone, it made me feel a hundred percent better about losing Emily. {You didn’t lose her. You dumped her. A point she will make abundantly clear in the distant future.} I suppose that’s why rebounds are such a common thing. That’s what Laura says to cheer me up; “Everybody rebounds like that.” I don’t want to be one of those guys but I guess I am now. Shit. {I don’t know why I held myself to such high standards. By September of 2000 Chad and Bob will be racing to see who can fuck 20 girls first. Spoiler alert: they both win. Chad even has sex with one of his teachers. Yeah. Meanwhile I’m embarrassed for having sex with one girl. #wtf}

Anyways after that display of lunacy I thought that a very cute, very eligible girl, Kelly {Not the kelly.} would be a perfect match for me. I got all into her and developed a serious interest and liking of her. Then after 2 weeks of flirting with her I have asked her out twice. I asked her out again tonight and she says “I have to see what my boyfriend wants to do, he may take me out.”

At this point I was crushed. Life sucks, blah, blah. {Nice to see that he’s getting tired of his own sad writing too.} I got the new Korn CD, Issues. So I will go mope and do little else. Goodnight.


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