The end.


This is about a month later. Mid-November. {Thank you for time stamping.}

School semester is almost over, and I have been broken up with Emily for almost a month. A week after I tried to break up with Emily I actually did. {We were fighting again over the phone and Emily propositioned, “Are you dumping me again?” to which I simply responded, “Yes.” and hung up. Sadly, much easier than the first attempt because I gave her no avenue for appeal.}

It upset her a lot more than it did me. It took this long to realize how much she really loved me, and unfortunately how much I didn’t love her.  I am left knowing that she was a controlling and possessive woman. But I still loved her. I think. I am not sure. Love is or can be described as an eternal happiness. When i think of my love for emily and how it was I only remember the happy times. Unfortunately most of the happy times were sexual or intimate. Any there time we were just doing what she wanted to do or going where she wanted to go.

I am thankful that I didn’t wait too long to cut it off. If I had wanted I wouldn’t have been able to do it. I would not have had the support of any friends without Laura. I would have been begging for her back within a week.

Laura I met at the beginning of school. We were close right away because we were both having the same relationship trust problems, and we were obviously interested in a lot of the same stuff. {Don’t get the wrong idea. Laura put me straight into the friend zone. I was 17, she was 22. Back then those were some pretty long years. I had a car and made her laugh. She was weird and free spirited. Friends.} She broke up with Shawn. I broke up with Emily. We’ve been friends ever since.

We talk a lot, do homework together. Study, hang out, cool shit liek that. I think it is safe to say that we are almost as close a friend as Jeff and Chad. {Who she loved.} Jeff and Chad and I talk about sex and girls (and Lisa) which I do not talk about with Laura.

Lisa is a girl who has had a crush on me since the beginning of the year. She was always cute and sometimes she’s a looker. We always flirted with each other. (Harmless to me, not so harmless to her). We kind of became close but I kept my distance for Emily’s sake. After Emily and I split Lisa and I got closer.

We hung out a bunch but I kept my distance because Lisa outright told me that she wanted me to take her virginity. A concept any normal guy would leap onto but one I declined. Unfortunately, I became depressed over the loss of Emily as week 2 drew closer. A week and a half after Emily and I broke up I called Lisa at 11:45. I told her to be ready to go for a drive. (I thought this was harmless.) {No you didn’t. You brought a joint and condoms.} at 12:30.

Se comes out we go for a drive. Stop at a park, go for a walk, make out, get up, go back to the car to find a dark place to park, we smoked a joint while she gave me head, then we moved to the back seat and had sex.

Lisa officially lost her virginity {Spoiler alert: no she didn’t and I am the most gullible man alive.} and I did something I thought I’d never do. I used a friend as a rebound.



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