I write to you.


As it seems, and as I told you, I will be able to see you tonight. I will be able to give you this along with a kiss as we spend time together.

I have just finished my colour theory class and am happy to say that I should not be receiving any major homework from any course for a week or TWO! 🙂

I have placed two pictures of you, one in each binder, to keep you near me at all times. I can’t stop thinking about you. I hope you went to work today. Simply because I know it may take your mind off things. I love you very much and it would be impossible for me to forget about you.

I had to move. I am in the library and I had to change tables. There was an older looking, Jamaican guy sleeping, sitting up, right beside me and it’s freaking me out.

As it seems I will have a lot of work to do, but people are saying that there is always room for a social life. As long as you keep your responsibilities in order and homework up to date. It was a 3rd year student who told me (and a bunch of kids) that. I knew you’d be wondering. 🙂

As far as friends go, because I know you are worried about that too, there does not seem to be any free class time in which to talk. It’s always doing or listening. Listening or doing. This seems to suck majorly so far.

Crystal is in class whenever I am not, and she gets out of her last class and goes home when I am starting my last class. I have not seen many people from La Salle at all. Most that I have I barely knew or spoke to at all last year.

The orientation day was only a fraction of the crowd that is here today. I feel small and weak compared to the hundreds or thousands of older, smarter, and stronger people that are here. You literally have to follow the current or be pushed by it.

I tried to walk against the current on the left side of the hall (because my class was like 3 feet away to my left) and I was practically pushed back to the right side of the hallway.

I’ve seen Gord. No problem. I’ve also seen Dillon. Never acknowledged me, but I guess that was to be expected. They were in the caf, but away from each other so our suspicions of conspiracy must be exaggerated. Go figure. {Flashback. I think Dillon was the one who told me on the bus that Gord was not a one woman man. We were wondering where that came from. I think it came from Dillon.}

I cannot remember what you said about {can’t make out the writing… Yun ant?} school, but I have not seen him. There are too many thousands of people to find just one though, so he could be around.

I found both of my classrooms before I went or have to go to class so that I wouldn’t be late. This place is like a maze. The place is a lot bigger and scarier than it seems from the outside.

Our supply lists came in and I must admit that some of the resources I have to have sound really fun to use. The markers crystal showed off all last year were finally going into use next week.

A young man with a cane just said hi to me. I guess it’s a semi-casual environment around here. Most of the people are older adults and they look very serious.

It must be something for me as it was for the returning adult students of La Salle. They were outnumbered by children (teenagers) as I am by adults.

Even people who could only be like 20-25 look a lot older and are a lot bigger than me. I can’t wait until this puberty thing is over and I get my man body. “I’m such a freak!”

I am so happy that I will be able to see you normally for at least a few more days to weeks! I am also really happy that I will be able to get into a dry car as I remembered to roll up my windows! Yay!

I have been worried about you and this storm, yet I have not heard any thunder nor seen any lightning. Of course I am writing to you and that maybe might have taken a foair bit of my attention.

I really miss you and I will see you asap. That makes me very happy. I promised my mom that I would be home for dinner but after that the world is our oyster.

I love you perdy lady. I will hold you soon.

Hugs and kisses.

Seeing as how I am right beside you. I hope it’s not to forward to ask for a kiss. 🙂 ?

{Picture of Snack}


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