You write to me.



Man this is so weird. I am sitting here bored to death hoping you are thinking of me. 🙂 I am sure that you are. I have had some company. Graham saw me and say with me for a bit but he had to go to a lab so I did not have company for long. No sign of Katrina or anyone else like that yet. It’s okay though. I am kinda just enjoying the quiet. There is hardly anyone around here so it is kinda nice. It’s a little depressing just because I feel like I should be here. Not just visiting you but like actually going to classes. Oh well. I guess I am screwed until next year.

Sorry this is so messy but I have gotten tired and I am also writing like super fast. Hope my mother does not try to call me at work because I am not sure she knows I’m here. My parents are liable to worry so I may end up going to phone them later. I guess we shall see.

I actually started to read that chapter in your text book… holy shit is it ever boring! Now i know why you hate it so much.

“Are you ready?!” … for this section of my writing masterpiece. God this is boring. Ummm … here you go!!

{Picture of Snack}

Now you know for sure that I am bored. See I think I could make it in your classes as long as I only had to draw snack. (He he he.) What do you think? Should I join or what? Hmmm hand writing seems to be getting a tad bit better. Okay, maybe not.

I do believe this is the worst letter I’ve ever written and for that I apologize.

This is it for letter #1. Talk to you later I assure you.

Love always,

Art Emily Collage


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