June 2, 1999.


Hey you! There you are standing at the chalkboard preparing your “half-assed” presentation and you know what? I am proud of you. Not only because you’re standing up there in front of 20 people but for other reasons. I’m proud of you for hanging in there and not giving upon me. I have put you through so much and it amazes me that you have not run away screaming. Lets face it, my depression is not easy to deal with. I’m proud of the way you deal with it. You are always there for me no matter what. You never tell me what to do, you just tell me that you love me and need me. That in itself tells me what to do. You take away all my fears. Andrew. When I am with you nothing can touch me. Nothing can ever hurt me. I’m also proud of you for just being yourself. You do not follow others, you follow your heart and your soul. I’m just glad it lead to me. I’m proud of you for having the courage and honesty to admit to me that you did drugs again. That meant a lot to me. I love the way you support me no matter what. I’m proud of all the way you are able to put faith in me and us. You are the most amazing individual I have ever met. and I am proud to be your girl. I just smiled at you standing up there and at that moment when you smiled back I felt you gaining strength from me. That’s amazing isn’t it? You make me so happy. Sometimes I just want to jump on top of this desk, point at you and say “God I love this man!”. one of these days I will, you just wait.

I keep thinking of things I want to say to you but it’s so hard to put into words. Oh you know what? I just thought of yet another aspect I love about you. I love how when we are “together” you do not just call it sex, you call it “making love”. Do you have any idea how much I like to hear you say that? I wish I could put it into words. I am going to wrap this up now but saying that I love you more than anything and I am very proud to say my boyfriend, my love, my confidant is you; Andrew.

Love always,

{Written on the back of the letter.}

Andrew, If there weren’t 20 people around I would kiss you with my chocolate lips.


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