Letter dated April 27, 1999.


After I read your “goodbye” letter all I could think was “how could he say those things to me?”. I was in tears and wanted to die. I’m just curious; you say that all I did was “use you” so why would you still want to be with me? You said I said “Hi” to everyone but you….that is bullshit! I made a point of saying good morning to you and said nothing to Jeff and Chad. Why did you stand outside my classroom for so long in the morning? What the hell were you doing? Wow! You sure do have a way of showing your love. I’m sitting in the caf crying (because of you) and you just up and left without a second glance. That was classic! You also spent much of the day glaring at me right along with Jeff. That was enjoyable! I don’t understand you Andrew. You claim that you love me and then you turn around and say such horrible things about me?! You practically called me a whore for fuck sake!! Talk about being hurt. I am leaving things up to you now. If you decide you’re going to be more rational about things, let me know. If you decide you are sorry for insulting me, let me know. If you decide you have even a little respect for me, let me know. I guess that’s all there is for me to say. ….. the rest is up to you but please do not waste my time with more insults.

– Emily

{I think we can all agree that I got off light. I get the feeling I’m either missing a portion of the angry letter or that, and I hope this isn’t the case, I wrote two horrible letters. There’s reference here to not saying hello to me, etc, which wasn’t mentioned in the letter I typed. Must have been a different letter. Let’s all collectively thank 17 year old Emily for dating her letters.}


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