An appalling remonstrance.

{Undated but set a week before Emily’s dated (thank you) reply. For the record I’ve said the F word out of anger to my wife twice. They were such horrible fights that I am sad to think about them. I know that this is not how you speak, especially write, to another person much less a person you proclaim to love. None the less here it is verbatim, in all my adolescent, jealous rage. I was clearly insecure in the time between Emily breaking up with Gord and starting to date me. I didn’t know what she was thinking or if she would come back to me. I thought she might have used me as a reason to break up with Gord. I was a foolish child. I clearly took everything personally. I’m ashamed I ever wrote this. I’m also not going to comment after this portion. It’s all bad.}


If you want me back in your life you have to do some stuff for me in return for the three and a half months of shit I did for you.

  • Tell Dan to fuck off and not to touch you or talk to you.
  • Tell Mike he’s your friend and will never be anything more and stop leading him on.
  • Tell Gord to fuck off and never speak to him again.
  • Don’t wear shit that other guys gave you.
  • Admit to yourself that you love me and/or did love me.
  • Tell me you love me and that fucking me meant something to you because I don’t believe it did.
  • Commit to me as a girlfriend and let me be the only one for you.
  • Hold me above all other guys in your life.
  • Get rid of everything Gord related in your house.
  • Never speak of him to me again as you expect me never to talk about my year and a bit involved in drugs. (If I can put a year behind me and never talk about it again you can too.)
  • Oh yeah, and don’t meet Russ in person.

If I am important to you, which I know I am not, do this stuff, then maybe I can believe that you love me enough to be with me. I know that you won’t. I don’t expect you to. If you do I will be very surprised.

Have a nice life. I say once again, GOODBYE!



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