Another angry letter.



You’ve asked me if I hate you. There’s only one reason I could possibly hate you. Although I don’t think I could ever. But if I were to I’d hate you for trying to fix your relationship with Gord. It was dead a long time ago and I just wish you could see that. Whether he loved you before is irrelevant, he doesn’t now, I can see that, why can’t you see that?

I forget, you can see that, you just choose to ignore it because you cannot admit to yourself that you gave your virginity away to an asshole like Gord. Someone who quite possibly could have said he loved you just to get in your pants!

I may have lied to you. I may have said I hate you. If so I do not hate you, I pity you. You have the profile of a battered wife and yet cannot accept that there have are much better men out there. Who can love you, and care for you. And all they need is a kiss to know they love you.

I am not one of these men. One of these men would not wait for you this long, nor would they write brutal and insulting letters towards you. For this I am sorry. If your eyes or ears ever have the misfortune of reading or hearing these words, you have broken me.

You have stretched out my love for you to the limits of my soul. Or connection is so strong that the mere mention of Gord pulls us apart, or together, depending on the good or bad.



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