More notes back and forth.


Andrew I feel so useless, I can’t do anything to make you happy on a day like this.

Emily On these days nothing/no one can make me happy…

Andrew Then what good am I on these days? I feel so distant from you when you aren’t happy. Don’t get me wrong, I love you and I’m not changing any thoughts. I just wonder what you think.

Emily No matter how I feel, you always get a smile or two out of me… you know that I’m stronger when I’m around you. You are a lot of good to me.

Andrew Ok.

Emily Are you sure you can handle my depression? 😦 I really hope you can.

Andrew You obviously have only begun to understand how much I love you and the endless mountains I would climb to be with you. We both believe NOTHING will get in the way of us.

Emily I love you Andrew {Andrew’s last name.}.

Andrew I’m going to miss you so much tonight. I am going to worry too.

Emily Worry?

Andrew I always worry about what will happen at your home and how it will hurt you.

Emily Thank you for caring so much.

Andrew I wouldn’t be the man that you loved so much if I didn’t.

Emily *kiss* *hugz*

Andrew *kiss* *hugz*


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