Figuring out why I hate Gord.

Written in this journal was the event that I found out from Jeff that Emily has feelings for me.These notes are purely for myself to organize all of my thoughts into a clear, collected perception of Emily.

  • Monday I hear Emily has feelings for me.
  • She has had the urge to say, “Kiss me.”.
  • She asks if I have ever had that urge. I say yes.
  • We see Gord and Dillon downtown the same day.

Gord is totally undeserving of her. During the tenure of their 10 month relationship he has managed to hurt her countless times.

  • Inferred the term ‘slut’ to her behind her back in relation to the tattoo she desired to get. (None of his business what she does with her body.)
  • Didn’t want to see her tattoo once it was done.
  • Calls her a slut in so many words and then denies it. Outright lies about it!
  • Promises not to get drunk at the JR’s, then calls her when he is drunk and treats her like an asshole. And try’s to say he is sorry while drunk.
  • Broken trust.
  • Destroyed what honour he had.
  • Sucks with peer pressure.
  • Spends more time with his friends than Emily. Outright admits that he does.
  • Makes no effort to be with her.
  • Doesn’t care. Doesn’t love her.
  • Ignores her on valentine’s day. Does not take the chance to be with her when it was possible.

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