Letter from a confused Emily.


I am writing you this in response to your email. I had only enough time to check my mail and then I had to get off.

I want to thank you first of all for addressing all of my concerns. I assure you the preceding email was not intended to make you out to be an asshole. I just needed to get my feelings out. Just as you said that you will always be there for me, I will always be there for you. You are very important to me. I want you to know that, yes, I am committed to working this out. You do not need to apologize to me for your friends. It just really hurt me to think they could think that badly of me as a person. Do you get where I’m coming from?

I told you earlier that I did not know what I wanted anymore. What I meant is that I want to work things out with Gord (or at least try to) but it’s really hard when you keep telling me how he lies to me. It really upset me when you told Katrina that Gord was not a one woman man or something to that effect. Is there something you know and are not telling me? I don’t expect you to talk good about Gord to make things easier on me or anything. This is just an explanation as to why I’m still so damned confused.  Gord swears up and down that you are saying these things just to break us up. I can’t believe you would do that. On the other hand I don’t want to believe that Gord has turned out to be another Dan. This is where things in my head become very unclear and confusing.

It also does not help that I have so much other shit going on in my life. There’s issues at home, my supposed eating disorder, my asshole of a math teacher, and there is still this nagging depression. All this combined with “us” is making living very difficult and tiring.

I guess this is where things stand with me. Is there anything you would like to respond to?

I miss you.



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