Hopefully the last we see of Kat!


The plague of my lonliness continues. The undying thought of my one true woman lay stirring in my mind. Though I am too young and inexperienced to know or understand love, I do know that I think of her every day when I wake, and every night before I drift into sleep.

She was my first kiss. She and I are the only two who know this tiny piece of information, but, to me, it is much more than that. It is a means by which I can explain my undying infatuation with this woman, Katrina, I am connected to her with more spiritual power than any shaman or priest could ever bestow. I know her as well as she knows me. Better than either of us know ourselves. I want to be with her again. I want to be able to talk to her, hear the silk lining of her smooth and soothing voice. Touch her soft, graceful skin, her moistened lips to my own. The sharing of both mind and body in a truly loving and giving relationship. Or perhaps, I have lost my own one and only. I gave my chance away to the foolish temptations of the flesh. I saw her as my girlfriend and I wanted her mind as well as her body, but i was too primitive to wait. I lost. Her, and my pride.


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