A poem inspired by my depression.

Shunned from the intentions of God’s design
loving what I and few see but hating my own unknown

Face forward causes a sickened response
disgust from all who view my … my face.

Too much was the wise man’s ego
to think he knew what best was.

I hated the wise man before I was born.
He caused these scars  Fuck the wise man.

Knowledge and super sized macho.
Give life to hundreds.What’s one?

What’s one scar?

This is not me.
This is what I have become.
I am a victim of …
Society? No.
Science? No.
I am a victim of one man’s laziness. I carry his laziness on levels not even defined by God.

If I met this man, this doctor, who saw me as an occasional mishap of delivery, I would squeeze my hands so tightly around his neck , he would not be able to even regret what he has caused me. He would only have the image of fear.


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