Andrew + Emily = Friends … ?

Before you read this entry you should read this required reading.

{Undated. The story is all coming together one piece at a time. I found this note between the two of us. We wrote to each other constantly. I saved this one and I am thankful I did.}

Emily Something has been bugging me. I think I’m screwing things up with Gord.

Andrew Talk to him much?

Emily Yeah it’s this whole depression thing … It’s bringing him down and he does not know how to deal with it.

Andrew Tell him not to try. It’s your mind in conflict. Just tell him to do what I do; cheer you up any way he can! It’s hard sometimes but if it makes you happy then he will be happy!

Emily I hope you are right. The thing is he doesn’t want to talk about it. He acts like it’s not there.

Andrew It could be his way of dealing. Just tell him it won’t work if he ignores it. He’s crazy about you, I know this. He won’t lose you. Just don’t give up.

{Wow. Gord fucks me over, big time, and I repay him by consoling his girlfriend and trying to keep them together. On the other hand this is when Emily and I are falling in love so is it really a noble deed? It’s been too long to remember the intent I placed behind these words.}


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