A thought came to me so fast today I had to stop to ponder it. Before I wrote the words onto my forearm. They came so fast that the first line remains a mystery even to myself. {Wow that’s bad writing.}

“In a galaxy so large
space is but an ocean
and we are but a drop.”

I was emptied by this horrifying thought of smallness throughout the afternoon. My own words scared me. I like that. I seem to be a housing block for a more powerful mind, filled with emotion and even rage. {What are you talking about?!} My words, I hope, will someday grace the ears of school children like myself and be talked about and pondered as the words of the great William Shakespeare. High hopes, or foresight to something greater? {Ridiculously high hopes. I even considered not copying this paragraph into the blog but where’s the fun in that?}


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