Monday, June 22, 1998

Designing the perfect trip.

Munchies factor – Tough call. Available munchies shall be large in quantity.


Chips : BBQ, Doritos, Plain w/ onion dip, Ice cream, Popsicle, cookies, and milk, popcorn, chocolates, and maybe pizza? {Holy hell!}

To drink : Besides water for while we toke, I want chocolate milk, Pepsi, 7 Up, and Dr. Pepper.

At least a half O {14 grams}, get like 6 or 7, maybe up to 10 of us and have a stoner party.

Candles are a key factor. We’ll need about 10-15 non-scented. Set them up around us. (Jed and I of course.) A good smoking partner is so hard to find. {What the hell is a smoking partner? God this kid is a stoner!} We’ll need 2 incense (something sweet like strawberries or wild berries) I cold water available. {You already said that numb nuts.}

Pillows and blankets on floor for comfort purposes, tables for the candles.

Music : My specialty tape, Ozzy, Jamirique {omg! remember them!? Virtual insanity baby! ha ha}


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