Remember when I quit weed a week ago?


I lay in bed pondering my own reasoning. I ask myself why do I smoke pot. I wonder what I would say to someone who posed that sort of inquiry. I thought the answer would be simple. “It’s fun.” or “makes you feel good.” or some other nonchalant, half-brained answer, but I realized it is more than that.

Imagine that you could close your eyes and be anywhere you want. The exhilarating rush of  a roller coaster, or perhaps the warmest beach in palm springs. Where you would find a cool breeze, complimented by curling waves and a just perfect amount of heat from the sun. To me, it is real, it allows me to get out of reality for even a moment. This could be a reason. One among many.

Another very agreeable reason could be the sensations. Personally I will define every sense through my own experience.

Taste : The sensations of taste start from scratch. There is no food on the planet that tastes better sober than it does when I’m high. I will guarantee that.

Sight : All I can vouch for is that everything becomes artwork. The visuals of anything I laid eyes on would become the most beautiful things. Even street lights and traffic lights become an incredible display under the influence of marijuana.

Sound : Sound afflicts me in a way that very few words could describe. Everything that you hear makes you move around in different directions. Your head is all that usually moves but your mind is consumed with the feelings of flying and falling. Soaring like an eagle or swimming like a seahorse. Very stimulating effects.

Smell : Works the same as taste, good smells will melt through my body like butter on potatoes, it warms the soul.

Touch : Best for last. You are 100% aware of your body. I know everything that is happening to it. The simple touch of a warm woman’s hand is ecstasy. Everything you feel is full body stimulation, I love the feeling of a full body orgasm. This is what everything becomes. Those are my best words.


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