Call me a pervert, please. I had a dream last night that would make any kid at La Salle very happy.

Imagine this. Me and three other guys {not thrilled about where this is going…} sitting in a room, when all out of nowhere we just start fooling around with this girl. It’s kinda hard to explain what happened. It was like I was doing it, but it was really a faceless person eating this perfect pussy out. {That’s hot.} Then I woke up (still dreaming) and rand around my house looking for my woman. but all I found were like every one of my friends. (Jeff, Joel, Jay; everybody.) Minus Jeff and Dan.

This is when I woke everyone up, so we all needed showers. I open the door to the bathroom and the hottest girls of La Salle were just getting undressed to have a big orgy shower. {What magical thing is this?! Orgy shower?!} I left. (Don’t ask why. I can’t control it.) I came back and it was just 3 left. I think Hailey, Sandra, and Nicole (Didn’t know her in the dream but saw her the next day at school and it associated in my mind.) They were just talking to me walking around naked. The only one I couldn’t remember is the only one I got to touch. She was putting a towel over herself then I decided to peak under the towel at her pussy. When I tried, she turned around, threw off her towel and jumped in my arms and just kept hugging me. I kept asking ‘don’t you have a boyfriend?’ and she kept saying “Oh yeah, he won’t mind.” or something to that effect. This is when I was pulled back to reality. I was very happy. Very happy. Best dream ever. I had no absent or empty feelings. {It was so easy to get teen boys excited. Especially in a pre-internet world.}


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