Drugs, drugs, and more drugs.


There I lay, in the back of my cab, head filled with chemicals, zero juice in the battery, at 3:00 in the fucking morning. Horrible trip, horrible sleep. Horrible day today.

{So the incident I’m referring to is going out to a friend of Jed’s house in the country. We smoked a bunch of weed in their shed. I went and passed out in the truck but it was cold so I turned on the heater. Jed told me not to but I didn’t listen. I woke up around 3:00 freezing because I’d killed the battery. Rough night.}

I am constantly taunted by the amazing pain of loneliness. As I am too young for a lifetime relationship I will and would settle for someone to share my mind with. I need a kindred spirit, who will want to talk to me around the clock. I want…

I stared blankly into the pages to find the words for what I want so that I can finish that last paragraph but they did not come. I wanted to say a friend, a girlfriend, happiness, and a whole other entourage of happy thoughts. But they never came to me. And from where I sit, thoughts appear to be my best bet right now.




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