You do the math!


Ok, my dad won’t let me go to a concert in Canada’s Wonderland which I can understand, it’s a four hour drive away, but that’s not why he won’t let me go. He thinks I’ll be doing drugs, which is true. But it’s just the fact that he thinks of that before he thinks of anything else. I mean if he said, just because of the drive, or just because of the ‘no supervision’ for a day thing. But no, the weed. Every God damn time. This really suX! And it’s all because of my mother, if she minded her own damn business {*gasp*} I would never have to worry about it.

Every time I go somewhere it’s “Don’t do anything evil.” {What demon child was I that I needed this reminder when I left the house?! LOL} or “Don’t get into trouble.” Even if I go to Jeff’s, who they know, they do it. It’s really sucks.

But I’m trying. Maybe one of these days he will, but I doubt it. And I’m not going to pressure him.. But I always and polite and offer.

I was thinking maybe the rumours were true. Maybe TV does raise children. I do and say a lot of stuff I saw on TV. Maybe, if I took every part of me that makes me special, I could find a character in some show I stole it from. I mean it was basically all I did for my entire grade school years.{Totally true. I watched all the classics; Cheers, M.A.S.H., All In The Family, Married with Children, Roseanne, and MORE!} This makes me wonder because I spent more time with the TV than I did with my parents…



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