A high note.


I’m actually afraid of myself now. I’m looking for bigger and better highs. Last night was advil, a lot of weed, and 4 shots of rum. I was fucked big time! Chad did the same.

Jeff… I don’t know if I can say what position Jeff plays in all this. He doesn’t even care about second hand smoke but he won’t smoke up with us. He sort of stays on the outside, looks after us, and makes sure we don’t hurt ourselves {Except that one time he encouraged Chad and I to drink a 26 oz. of Wiser’s in under an hour… I still can’t look at a bottle of Wiser’s without feeling ill.}. It’s not all good. He laughs at the stupid things we do constantly. I guess it’s a sort of payment? We each give. We all get friendship.

I feel like describing the feeling experienced while high. After smoking weed I’ll inform myself or explain other highs from other drugs as I experience them. Next will most likely be mushrooms, then acid, PCP, LSD, etc. {Ambitious kid. Imagine if it was put to good use. Also, acid and LSD are the same thing.} Who know what’s to come, anyways, enough about that. I want to try to explain or describe the high.

How does weed make me feel? At first I feel lightheaded, a lack of thought and total relaxation. This is all that happens if you only smoke a small amount. Smoking more will start the same. Then will come a feeling of falling or flying in the direction of your mind’s choice. By that I mean your experience is at your own discretion. It is completely at the disposal of your imagination. If you think you’re falling forward, you will feel like you are flying through the air.

This is how it is so easy to hurt yourself. Because of the way you feel, you could think you’re going 10,000 mph and you’re going 3 mph, or vice versa… then you end up running into things.

The list of sensations I have felt are:

  • I had laid on the floor down stairs and the room started spinning as if I were strapped to a roulette table. It was while I was listening to ‘Crazy Train’ by Ozzy Ozborne.

“Of all the things I’ve lost I miss my mind the most.” – Ozzy Osborne

  • The next best trip was off Jed’s shit the first time. It was the first time that I was REALLY baked. It was like a 5-6 hour high. I was sitting in a lazy boy, flying through the air and then falling forever. The last sensation was the feeling of being crushed in a good way… can’t really explain it. {Like a hug? Tell me the truth. Are you high right now?}

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