Hoping I don’t fail.

{Undated. But we’re talking about exams again so it must be June.}

Exams. I hate them with a passion. Especially now. If I fail my chemistry exam I’ll fail my course… {Weirdest thing… I don’t remember ever being in a chemistry class… (Marijuana effect the memory.)} which I don’t get a shit about {Oh, well there you have it. LOL}  but my parents seem to. {You think?! God this guy gets on my nerves.}

I know I’ll need good grades for later but for right now I can’t, for whatever unholy reason {*cough* weed and friends.}, get myself to study or do any homework for that matter. I know I’m not retarded. {That’s good.} I may even have a gift. {Let’s not get carried away.I don’t try at all and I manage an 80% in grade 11 biology and law. Next year I will try. {Spoiler alert: I don’t try harder. I’d argue I tried less in grade 12 than in grade 11.} I hope God will grant me the power to concentrate and to keep working hard. {Typical. Blame God for you smoking weed, staying up too late, and spending too much time with your friends.}

Next year I want to make my parents proud. {Spoiler alert: You don’t. I’d go so far as to say you make them feel shame for a while.} They haven’t had much from me to make them proud this year so far. {Gee, I wonder why… wait for it!}

 Went to Chad’s house last night. Smoked up, fuckin’ wasted! {There is is!}


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