When a lie becomes the truth.


It is possible to delude oneself so much into believing whatever they/you want. Everyone does it. After doing it so much, a lie becomes the truth. All hope is lost for the truth to triumph. I have lied a lot in my life, but never so much that a lie becomes the truth. I realized, laying in bed tonight, that I never stopped loving, or caring, for anyone in my life. I say that I hate Katrina or Natalie. I can them bitches, skank hoe’s, etc. {Yikes! That’s news to me!} But if you think about it it was all my fault. {Finally, now he’s arrived at the answer!}

It shows no matter how much you hide the truth, or “lie the truth”, {huh?} it can never be destroyed. No matter how strong your power is, or how little of a conscience you have, the truth can not be destroyed. Ever, and forever, the truth will exist.


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